Taken by Dee Henderson

┬áDee Henderson is one of my top 5 authors. Her books are always stay-uppers(you stay up all night until you’ve finished the book, no matter how long it takes) as I call them. Taken was no exception with great writing, and strong personal connections.

The suspense is there but it’s not the same as her other suspense novels. I consider this a lazy suspense, your not gripping your seat, but your stuck there. It’s a slow build up that’s makes you feel like you’re out of the loop at first. Hang in there through all the holding back, it all comes together.
I am always amazed how Henderson works God into the plot. This book is wonderful for Christians and non-believers.

I would recommend anything written by Dee Henderson.

Justice for Katie by Linda Crowder

Justice for Katie
The Jake and Emma Mysteries
by Linda Crowder

When I first opened this book I had no idea what to expect. Katie came alive to me in the pages, along with all the other characters. After a couple of chapters you feel as if these are your friends and you’re right in the middle of all the action.

Thankfully my husband is a heavy sleeper because honestly, I could not put this book down for anything. Every single time I would say this is the last chapter, something else would drag me right back in and kept me up until the book was complete.

If you are a book lover like myself give Linda Crowder a shot. This was the first book of hers that I have read, but now the series MUST be started from the beginning.

Linda Crowder is now added to my author list. What about yours?
Check out all her books at

Also, a thank you to Choosy Bookworm’s Read and Review program for introducing me to this author.

Good Morning!

Good Morning to whomever may run across this post, my very first. I created this blog to write book reviews and try to keep up with what I have read. If you decide to follow me, please be patient, and watch as I grow! I am determined to master the art of blogging! With that being said, all comments and opinions are welcome. Hope you all have a great day. Don’t forget to check back soon to see if I’ve made any progress!