Taken by Dee Henderson

 Dee Henderson is one of my top 5 authors. Her books are always stay-uppers(you stay up all night until you’ve finished the book, no matter how long it takes) as I call them. Taken was no exception with great writing, and strong personal connections.

The suspense is there but it’s not the same as her other suspense novels. I consider this a lazy suspense, your not gripping your seat, but your stuck there. It’s a slow build up that’s makes you feel like you’re out of the loop at first. Hang in there through all the holding back, it all comes together.
I am always amazed how Henderson works God into the plot. This book is wonderful for Christians and non-believers.

I would recommend anything written by Dee Henderson.


2 thoughts on “Taken by Dee Henderson

  1. Hi Lauren,
    Welcome to the world of blogging. I hope that you enjoy it and that the Lord uses this experience to help you grow deeper in your knowledge and love of God. That He will use you to encourage and strengthen other believers and bring unbelievers to the Lord.

    I love reading suspense novels and will have to try Dee Henderson’s book. I especially like the ones that cause you to stay up late to find out what happens!

    Since you love to read and will be writing about books I wanted to share some links for Christian Publishers. Once your blog is established you can sign up with the publishers to receive books, ebooks or hard copies to read in exchange for a review. It”s a terrific opportunity so be sure to check it out.





    May the Lord bless you in Christ and I wish you well as you start your blogging experience!

    Susan Wachtel

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    • Thank you so much for the kid words Susan. I’m very happy you have decided to check out Taken. Dee Henderson is a wonderful writer, one of my favs. I will check out the publishers, thanks for the links!


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