Corps Justice

In honor of the Forth of July, Independence Day, I wanted to share about my favorite Armed Forces series. C.G. Cooper is author of the Corps Justice Series. This series has 10 books at the moment, hopefully more SOON. Corps Justice is about soldiers that are no longer in the military but fight for their country every single day. Although they are technically “retired” these men and women continue to protect what the believe in and would be lost without SSI and The Jefferson Group.

SSI is a security company that also does undercover missions to keep the United States safe. These undercover missions are pretty much all over the place; from saving Mr. President himself to taking down terrorist. Cal Stokes and his operatives are geared up and ready whenever and wherever needed.

I love love love this series. C.G. Cooper knows how to keep your attention. If you haven’t read Corps Justice today is the perfect time to check it out.

The first 3 books are free kindle books at and in the iBooks store. Also, if you go to the Corps Justice website and sign up for the email list you can request any Corps Justice book for free.

Hope you enjoy this series as much as I do!


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