Blogging 101- Day 5

Today’s Task- Love your Theme

Let me just start this with letting everyone in on a little secret. I’m a little impatient. Okay, VERY impatient. I have been looking for a new theme for about a week before this task. Thankfully I found one that looks really good, and I think I’m in love(for now). The Hemingway Rewritten theme has a lot that I love. The only problem I have encountered so far, the header image, is not a huge problem. The only reason it’s a problem at all is because I can’t decide on a picture that is big enough, and looks good. In the next couple of days there will be different pictures there…. As of now my image is randomizing uploaded headers.

Now, some good news. I figured out how to add a photo and text to my sidebar. That means you can all see whatever book I’m reading at the moment. Given that I actually remember to change it when I finish a book. Let me just say, that made me VERY happy(I even did a happy dance, hence the reason for Snoopy). Feeling accomplished with Blogging 101, thank you!

My only hopes now are to keep becoming better with every post and task!!!


2 thoughts on “Blogging 101- Day 5

  1. Howdy. I fully understand how finding the perfect theme can be daunting. I’ve changed themes several times. (And I did flirt with Hemingway Rewritten at one point. It just didn’t work out, personally.) But I hope you don’t mind if I say this: The number-one, most important thing about a blog is that you produce quality content. A pretty package might entice visitors, but it’s the dinner on the table that makes people want to come back. Make sure the main course has your visitors wondering what else might be cooking in the kitchen. Best of luck to you, seriously, I love it when new writers take the WordPress plunge… 😉


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