Finally Joined Twitter

I have been looking up different book review programs and came across one that want you to also have Twitter along with a blog. Well guess what, I now have a twitter account. I have no clue how to do anything there yet, but it will come in time. So please, if you take the time to look me up over there be patient. I guess this will be good, now I can promote my book reviews on Twitter, and maybe get more people to visit WordPress. I’ll stop my ramblings now, hope everyone is enjoying their weekends!

Check me out on Twitter by clicking here. (Yay, just learned how to do the links)


10 thoughts on “Finally Joined Twitter

  1. I am following you on twitter. my twitter handle is @annwrites75. I have a few suggestions for you on twitter. First of all, you will want to post a profile pic of yourself, as people will not always follow the eghead picture twitter puts on your profile. Second of all, you will also want to add a short bio with a link to your blog. Hope this helps.


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