Words Crush Wednesday

I chose this Anna Quindlen quote for my very first #WCW (Word Crush Wednesday) quote. I was looking around wanting to use something I hadn’t seen anyone else use, then this popped up. How many times do we look in the mirror and think we’re not pretty enough, or thin enough? Talk ourselves into believing we’re not smart enough, or funny enough. As women, and some men (cant leave them out) we have a tendency to overthink EVERYTHING, and in turn we put down on ourselves without even noticing it. This my friends is a horrible thing. No matter your size or shape, if you are a good person or at least do your best to be, then you are beautiful. It’s not what we see on the outside that determines beauty or brains, it’s the inside. I’m a firm believer in that.

If you are making the time to spend with your children, to learn their likes and dislikes then you are a great parent. Yes, there are exceptions to that: if your a crazy person doing it for the wrong reasons, you need help. All kids need love and your attention. When they get older chances are they will not remember what you bought them but the time they spent with their “hero.”

Husbands and wives are the same; they need your love and attention. Make the effort and make it 100-100 instead of 50-50. Don’t give and take, just give and expect nothing in return. f you are going above and beyond what is expected, s/he will notice, trust me.

I will stop my ramblings now but I am going to leave you with yet another quote from a book I really enjoyed. Remember it!

You is Kind, You is Smart, You is Important – The Help



7 thoughts on “Words Crush Wednesday

  1. As a teacher, I see so many kids who need parents who understand the point of view you have expressed here! Yes, children need their parents to simply express an interest in getting to know them. Parents can screw up in multitudes of ways, but most of them going to work out in the end. Indifference does not work out! I’ve had so many students tell me, “My mom/dad has no idea what I’m doing tonight.” That breaks my heart. Parents don’t have to have the CIA following their children, but they do have to let their children know they are interested.

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  2. Ha! I loved that quote from The Help. When I read the book I remember thinking that I must remember to do that with my child. That, and hide medication in apple sauce.😊 I enjoyed your take on the Anne Quindlan quote too. I hope my daughter sees me as a hero one day. Thanks for sharing.

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