Go Set A Watchman….Another Day

For now I will be setting Go Set a Watchman aside. With the hubby being home this week I can’t actually remember anything I’ve read..(SO hope he doesn’t pick this post to read) He’s a trooper and tries to let me read, but when I know he’s around the corner just waiting for me to set the book down for a second to rush in… I’d rather be spending the time with him anyway. I will try it again in a week or two, maybe. I will also keep reading something while he sleeps 😛

There will be a new Book Review on August 4th as promised yesterday.


3 thoughts on “Go Set A Watchman….Another Day

  1. Read Watchman and now having severe doubts as to whether Lee wrote either book. (Character, style, plot inconsistencies) I’m thinking that editor(s) may have taken Mockingbird and totally revamped it before publishing. I believe the only way we’ll find out if she was a real writer is if when she dies there are other unpublished works. Real writers don’t just stop writing.

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