Words Crush Wednesday

Allen Bennett QuoteWow! This is exactly how I am feeling today. I read many books, and in them I sometimes experience this. As I’m sure most readers do.

We all have pretty much the same feelings. But sometime we have thoughts/feelings that are just there, and we ask ourselves “Does anyone else ever think/feel like this?” It’s a part of human nature, I think anyway, to have crazy thoughts.

Every thing we go through, chances are someone else has already gone through it, possible even people we personally know. But we don’t always express how we feel because were afraid of how other will look at us. So, when I’m feeling down I read a book that will cheer me up. If I’m feeling lonely, pretty much any book solves that problem for me. No matter how we feel there are always books to help us get through it, even if we don’t realize we need it at the time.

Then we pick up books, and BAM there it is! I love the feeling I get when I realize that I needed to read that certain book for whatever reason.

FYI, I had no idea who Allen Bennett was before finding this quote. Now a few books of his is added to my TBR list. The Clothes They Stood Up In and The Uncommon Reader are at the top of that list!!



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