Igniting the Wild Sparks

Igniting the Wild Sparks by Ren AlexanderIn the second follow up to “Chasing the Wild Sparks,” Hadley Beckett comes closer to triumphing over a reluctant Finn Wilder…

What would you do if the love of your life gave you the keys to the kingdom, but won’t let you in?

At the end of her rope, Hadley grabs her intrepid boyfriend Finn Wilder’s world by the…bridge. Finally ready to end the never-ending merry-go-round that is their unknotted life together, she enlists the help of her friends to help boost her own courage. Since Finn is all about walking on the wild side but not down an aisle, Hadley challenges him to the ultimate test that will prove her more daring than the daredevil himself, hoping Finn will take notice and change his mind about making her forever his.

Throwing down the irrevocable gauntlet, will Hadley celebrate supreme victory over his heart or will she accept the cruelest defeat at the very hand she holds?

Totally not what I was expecting! I need more, and don’t know if I’m heartbroken or relieved. Becks and Sparks are so good together, when they are together. I just can’t see it being over with them. I also can’t believe what all Finn has done: lying, cheating, and not fighting for Hadley. But he’s the love of her life, and I truly believe she is his. And Morgan? I’d like to just punch her! She may have thought she was doing Hadley a favor, but with friends like that who need enemies?

I was actually surprised to find out Hadley was pregnant, just to lose the baby. That part was very heartbreaking. It was like a slap in the face to her. Lose Finn, find out your having his baby…nope, can’t have that either! I cried for her (with horrible looks from the hubby) throughout Igniting the Wild Sparks.

I need answers! I NEED to know what happened to Hadley and Finn; together or separate. Does Hadley find out what Morgan did? Are they still friends? Did Morgan actually talk to Finn while at the ER? I will be reading The Keys to Jericho but don’t know if I will get my answers. Hopefully there is more to come from this series!

I know, I’ve kind of gotten attached to these people, okay characters, but I just can’t help it. Ren Alexander did an amazing job making them so REAL. In every single page. True Talent!

Be advised: There’s a lot of cursing and intimate scenes. I would NOT recommend this book/series for YA, or anyone that can’t legally get into rated R movies


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