Dystopian Romance Absence of Song Series by C.B. Stone

“Though music is forbidden and could get me in big trouble with the Ministry, I nevertheless often find myself singing softly in spite of the danger.

Little do I know just how much hot water my strange compulsion to sing will actually land me in.

What is happening in the world around me? How is it happening? How does the stranger Noah fit into things? And most importantly… why me? I’m no more special than the next person.

So many questions and so many dangers. All I can do is trust that whatever is happening, it is good. I can see that it’s good, and I refuse to let anyone convince me otherwise.”

Jaelynn loves to sing. In her dreams she learns songs. But she is not allowed to sing. EVER. I’m not at all sure where she lives or what is really going on, but her parents are pretty much soldiers for their government. Jaelynn stays at home, alone most of the time. Her parents are always working and she sings softly all day hoping not to get caught. Their gardens are not doing well, food rations are getting smaller and everyone is on edge not to get in trouble with the government.

One day Jaelynn is outside tending to her garden when she hears a traveler coming down the road making strange noises. Noah, the traveler, has some strange instrument that Jaelynn has never seen before. But she has heard it. In her dreams.

Jaelynn and Noah strike up a friendship and are shocked, no really.. sparks fly, when they touch. Are they meant to be? I don’t know but something is totally going on here. She lets Noah sleep in their shed, as long as her parents don’t see him. Now the weird part.. Noah can touch the plants and make them come alive and grow. Jaelynn doesn’t know how and it freaks her out at first.

One night she goes out to the shed to see Noah, they end up falling asleep. Jaelynn dreams that they run through the town playing in the rain and making everything come back to life. Even the ponds and other water sources. The next morning when they wake up she realizes it wasn’t just a dream, everything is alive and new. When her dad wakes up and sees it he tells her to run and hide somewhere. So apparently the dad knows a little of what is going on, but I’m still lost.

I’m sorry for some of the spoilers but I couldn’t just talk about this book with no details… I tried.

I have to admit I was questioning myself for reading this for a while but I’m so glad I kept reading. I just bought the other two books in this series and can’t wait to start them.

C.B. Stone

Awakening-Dystopian Romance (Absence of Song Book 1)

Becoming-Dystopian Romance (Absence of Song Book 2)

Chosen-Dystopian Romance (Absence of Song Book 3)


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