Chosen: Dystopian Romance (Absence of Song Series Book3)

Chosen by CB StoneI can’t believe I’m thinking of going up against the Ministry. But what other choice do I have? This world is in shambles because of them. I’m learning now that people need something to believe in, something to inspire them to act. When they have it, they’re capable of great courage.

And there is already talk of that something. That something is us. For the first time in probably their entire lifetimes, people have hope. The realization and enormity of it all, the weight of who I am and what my mission truly entails, sends chills down my spine. Noah and I, we are Chosen.

Still, this wondrous gift and this ability to restore life to a dying world, as amazing as it is, presents us with problem after problem. Where do we go? Where do we hide? Who is on our side? And the biggest question of all… will it be worth it?

In Chosen Jaelynn and Noah, the Chosen, are trying to hide from the Ministry. They stumble on all kinds of towns or cities that are pretty lifeless. When they come into Bethel the people are waiting for them. This is where it really gets good. The armies are getting mobilized and will all be together within a few days when the Ministry air craft find them. Fay, Bethels commander, and the rest of her troops are saved by the Wellington forces with their new (better than the Ministry) weapons. I don’t want to give away any spoilers so I’m going to stop that thought there.

But I will tell you that the safe haven Jaelynn and Noah are taken to seems like a wonderful place. Its full of sunshine and peace. Oh yeah, Jaelynn and Noah FINALLY admit their true feelings. It was about time!

There are also a lot of character surprises mixed in. Some people are not who we though they were. And yes, it does make the books better.

The ending is probably the worst for me. I want more info. Okay, I want another book, or few 🙂 Seriously though, this is a great series for Christians and non-believer alike. Views are not pushed on you and you can believe whatever you want while reading this series(and still get stuck into it). C.B. Stone is now on my favorite author list, and I will be reading her other books also!!

Awakening: Dystopian Romance (Absence of Song Book 1)

Becoming: Dystopian Romance (Absence of Song Book 2)

Chosen: Dystopian Romance (Absence of Song Book 3)


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