Tomorrow Chained is out… Let’s party

If you liked my review of ‘Chained’ get ready. Its out tomorrow. If you didn’t read my review I’ll forgive you if you read the book 😉


This is an invitation to all of you to attend my book launch party tomorrow!

Throughout the day I’ll be online to chat with you all about the book and anything else you’d like to discuss! There will be extracts and character profiles going up throughout the day here on my blog and over at the event on my Facebook page too so come on over and join me ☺️ here

I’ll also be hosting a competition to win an advanced e-copy of the first novella in the series.

So are you in? 😊xoxo

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Would anyone like to do a cover reveal? 😊

Soooo excited!


This is just a quick post to see if any of you would like to take part in a cover reveal for the second book in my Cage of Lies saga ‘Linked’?

I’d love us to do the reveal on October 5th and the book will be released on October 15th (I’m going to be offering ARCs too within the next few days)

Here’s the blurb for Linked:

In a world she never knew existed, Maya is coming to terms with how much her life has changed. Danger lurks around every corner, nothing is as she expects and she’s never felt so alive. But the choices she makes could change everything and jeopardise the things she cherishes most. There is so much to learn and so much to love but her heart is pulling her back. The Guardians are hiding in the shadow cast by their Wall, concealing the truth…

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One Lovely Blog Award

Thank you Matt, for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award. This is my first time doing this and look forward to it. I am going to try to stay away from books, and let yall know a little about the other sides of me. Hope you enjoy.


The Rules:

  • You must thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  • You must list the rules and display the award.
  • You must add 7 facts about yourself.
  • You must nominate 15 other bloggers and comment on one of their posts to let them know they have been nominated.

1. My favorite color is neon yellow. I don’t know why, but it is. When seeing it, it brings a little sunshine to cloudy or rainy days. It just makes me happy…

Those nails are not mine, but I do own that same color

2. I have a fear of heights. Okay, not all heights, just bridges. I don’t know what my problem is but being stuck in traffic on top of a bridge, which you can feel moving, scares me to death!!!

Mississippi River Bridge in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Yes, it is beautiful! Until you see it like the photo below in person :/

This is when I really freak out!

3. I grew up like the Brady Bunch. Okay, not really but I do have 3 brothers and 2 sisters. I am the baby girl, with one brother younger than me. My sisters were pretty much grown when I was born, so I have always had them both by my side through everything(even when I didn’t deserve them). I have no pics of us all together 😦 but this will have to work..

4. I am a HUGE LSU fan. You know who I’m taking about….Right? Well, if not you either don’t watch college football, or root for some crazy non SEC team… That wasn’t fair, I’m sorry. Please feel free to pull for which ever team it is you love. No hard feelings from me. Just a little poke and jokes 🙂

5. I HATE mosquitoes. With a passion! If you do not have them where you live, feel blessed. Down here in Louisiana, the southern parts for sure, they will pack you away! After about 5:00pm you best bet is to just stay inside, and leave the doors and windows closed. If not, they will find you. And they will bite you! (SO Cannot wait for Winter)6. I am a volunteer firefighter/EMR(Emergency Medical Responder). This is something that I love being a part of. Not really the fire part, luckily I don’t have to deal with those first hand. I get to hang back and help when needed. Then part I love is the EMR stuff. Just knowing that I can be of help to someone in need makes me feel better. If we were walking around the park and someone just passes out, I know what to do to check them out. Its not much, and in no way even close to a doctor. But the aid we give within the time before an ambulance arrives can be just enough to save someone’s life. Being able to help others has made me become calmer, more humble, and happier. I love the people I volunteer with, and couldn’t ask for better friends 🙂


Doing drills in turnout gear. Don’t know what’s up with that face tho….

7. Last but not least, probualy the most importnant thing you should know about me. I am a Christian. No, I’m not going to judge you. Yes, I sin just as much if not more than any other person on this planet. I don’t really care what you do or don’t do. You have to answer for your sins and I have to answer for mine. I will love you, be nice to you, and help you any way I can no matter what you do to/for me. I don’t care how much money you have, or how you got it. That’s YOU! By saying I am a Christian, I am letting you know that I believe in God, in Jesus and that I love you and will not judge you. If you ever need to talk, or vent, or just hear something nice send me a message. I’m not perfect, never will be. Together we can all be imperfect, and happy 🙂

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Words Crush Wednesday

Everything Happens for a Reason

This is something I keep reminding myself, and felt it was time to share it. No matter what is going on in your life, its happening for a reason. All the ups and downs serve a purpose. We may not now, or really ever know what that purpose may be. But its there for a reason and only a season. Every season in your life will bring different things, but we have to always remember to look up. Its only there for a time.


Burnt Secrets(Bodies Everywhere Series Book 2) by Barbara Martin

Burnt Secrets by Barbara MartinThis is a ‘clean’ read. A dangerous drug smuggling ring has taken control of Western North Carolina. They have a very unpleasant way of getting rid of their enemies. All law enforcement agencies have been called in to stop this threat. Marge, Abby, Liz and Shawn are anxious to help out. But will their efforts put them in more danger than FBI Special Agent Paul Froman can protect them from? Through all this turmoil, humor and a pinch of romance blossom.

Marge and Abby are best friends, coworkers and roommates for now. They are also amateur sleuths. Well, Marge is for sure. In Burnt Secrets Marge falls in the middle of a drug smuggling case all because she suspects a Dr. at the hospital where she works of taking drugs. It turns out to be way worse that using drugs that causes the good doctors life to become spiraling out of control.

During the investigation Marge works closely with FBI agent Paul Froman. While trying to find the ‘disappearing’ doctor, many bodies are found. Tensions run high for all agencies involved as moles are being discovered. Marriages are broken, and made. Families are threatened. Marge and  Paul don’t know who they can trust. From long time con artist working closely with the investigation to the straight up cops.

Marge and Paul spend most of this book avoiding their feelings for each other. But come on, we all know they are perfect for each other and should just suck it up and jump! Well, the end just made me smile. Thankfully they come to their senses. With all the love in this book, its hard to believe a murder investigation was going one. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t too much romance. I think there was a perfect mix of the two.

This is a well written and thought out suspense novel. Every page has new twist and kept me guessing the whole time. Barbara Martin is now added to my ‘must read’ list. Starting with Bodies Everywhere: Short Stories of Mystery & Murder (Bodies Everywhere Series Book 1). Then the rest will follow shortly.

I received a complimentary copy of this book via the author through ChoosyBookworm in exchange for an honest review. These thought and opinions are all mine.

Just Checking In

These last couple of weeks have kinda run together for me. Between working weird hours and spending time with my husband, I have neglected my blog. I missed half of Blogging 201 and plan on retaking that course in the future.

For now, I will be trying to catch up on things. I have even somehow not been reading as much(which is a total shock). But things are settling down, and will be back to normal soon. I hope. So please hang in there with me, say a little prayer and you will be getting my regular post, on schedule, once again. 🙂