Layers of Lies by Diane M Dickson


Sally’s comfortable life crashes to pieces when her boyfriend Daniel goes missing.

She calls everybody, even his boss. He has gone without a trace.

Suspicious and deeply worried she goes out looking for him.

But the more she searches, the more she discovers a dark underworld of lies, crime and murder she had no idea really existed…

If you like crime fiction and thrillers look no further than LAYERS OF LIES. Diane Dickson is the author of several other great books in this genre. Check out LEAVING GEORGE, THE GRAVE and WHO FOLLOWS, also available on Kindle.

It took me a few chapters to really get into this book. The only reason for that was because I’m an American. I know that doesn’t make complete sense, but when reading books from other countries it takes me awhile to get used to the “slang.” Okay, so it’s just the way they talk, not really slang. Each country, even though it may be English, had their own way with words.

With that being said, I really enjoyed this book! Layers of Lies was full of suspense and really kept me guessing. When I thought I had it all figured out, another twist was thrown in. I sooo did not want this book to end!!

Sally is completely upset over Daniels sudden disappearance and try’s everything she can think of to find him. After trying to spy and getting caught she is held prisoner. During this time she is almost attacked, suspects others are being held captive and tries to become friends with the maid/server. Then Daniel returns, and things really get confusing.

Sally and Daniel are thrown into a situation that anyone would feel the pull to help. They take it a step farther and actually act on that pull. Possibly saving the lives of many young girls. Maybe even finding themselves in the process. This is a great read that will keep your interest throughout.

Diane M. Dickson (that’s the link for her here) is such a great writer. She knows how to keep you on your toes (or your eyes open) without rushing through the story. I can not wait to explore her other books.


3 thoughts on “Layers of Lies by Diane M Dickson

  1. It’s very difficult for me to move to the 2nd chapter if the book hasn’t captured my attention in the 1st but what I’ve noticed is that a lot of times books don’t really start to get interesting until then. I lose interest easy and would rather read those novels that are interesting from the gate. I’m that way with TV shows as well but I’m learning that when I judge too quickly I miss out on something great! Good for you for having the discipline to stick it out for longer than just a few pages. You are most definitely a bookworm at it’s finest. This book sounds very intriguing.

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    • Its very hard to stick with something that’s not interesting, but normally it always gets better.. I have a rule, If the first 3 chapters don’t capture me I quit. But I have to at least give it that long.


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