Blogging 201- Day 1

I am soooooo excited to be participating in Blogging 201. I know Blogging 101 was wonderful to me.. Its where I met most of my followers and I became your stalker 😉 No really, I learned so much and know this experience will be just as great!

So here goes….

Today’s assignment: consider what you want to accomplish with your blog. Write down three concrete goals. 

  1. I want to continue with my regular schedule: Book Review on Tuesdays, Words Crush Wednesday, and Shapeshifting 13 on Weekends.. in between you get extra book reviews or just my brain 🙂
  2. I want to become a better follower!! I want to go back to reading more blogs, and searching through the Reader more often. I feel like horrible friend these days 😦 So I will be reading for a couple hours each week from now on..
  3. This is a biggie… I want to post more book reviews. Sometimes I’ll read a short story or a book and not do a review on it, mostly because I read another right after and don’t remember exactly which was which. Now I have a new system…. Before I can open a new book I have to write a ‘rough draft’ for my review. This is going to help a lot. Also, it will give you all a better idea of exactly what I’m reading.

16 thoughts on “Blogging 201- Day 1

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