Desperation: The Island I by CB Stone

Desperation (The Island I) by CB Stone.gif“My skin does a little crawling thing at the way he says my name, but I can’t for the life of me figure out why. He seems nice enough. He’s very polite and charismatic. Quite charming actually, to others at any rate. But just the way he says my name sends a warning tingle along my spine, and I can’t get rid of it.”

Reagan Rykehart has been sentenced to a stint on Grandy Island, a reintegration camp for at-risk youth. Problem is, she was sentenced there not because of her own deeds, but for trying to help a friend. Guess that’s what she gets for trying.

Sailing away to meet her fate, she finds fate has other plans. Mostly because Reagan is stubborn and a little crazy. At least that’s what people usually call folks who jump off ships. In the middle of the ocean. In the dark.

Yep, definitely crazy. But will her new fate be even more grim than Grandy Island? Only time will tell.

Reagan is just tryin to get a friend out of a bad situation. Now she is stuck out in the middle of the ocean on Halcyon Island. She landed there after jumping from the ship taking her to a rehabilitation Island for at-risk teens. I know, none of that makes sense to you… SO READ THE BOOK 🙂

Once on Halcyon Island Reagan is faced with the decision to stay or take her chances back in the states, alone and on the run. Of course, she chooses to stay. She is assigned to stay in a bungalow with Andie, her newest and only friend on the island. Who also has an apparently good looking brother, Connor, that Reagan cant decide if he’s a good guy or not…

Then there’s the leader, David. He seems like a good guy trying to bring people closer to God but Reagan gets as ‘icky’ feeling from him. She just believes something is off with this whole place.

She gets to choose while calling (chore) she wants to do and decides upon being a Shepard. Pretty much a guard making sure everyone is where they’re suppose to be and doing everything right. Elder Allen is the leader over the Shepard’s and is completely setting off warning bells in Reagans head.

Lets just be honest… I really like this book. I already knew CB Stone was a great author, she just proves it again with Desperation: The Island I. While reading I was laying on a beach with a cool breeze blowing all day long. While actually I was at home, sweating when you walk out the door. Then taking 20mins to cool down when going back inside… But that’s what a good book is for me. One that lets ne travel to wherever the characters are and forgetting where I am for a while.

I have a feeling Reagan an Andie are going to get extremely close and can not wait to see what happens with Connor and the Secs (yup, I intentionally left that part out) in book 2 of this series, Escalation: The Island II. You can look for that review in a couple of days. If you haven’t checked out CB Stone from my first three reviews of her books, please give her look. You will not be disappointed!

I received a complementary copy of this book from CB Stone in exchange for an honest review. These thoughts and opinions are all my own.


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