The Potter’s Lady by Judith Miller

The Potter's Lady by Judith MillerJudith Miller has always trapped me in her books. Once I start reading them, I’m transported to a different world, a different time. The Potter’s Lady was no different and brought me to the 1870’s. I was in the middle if a train station (reminding myself not to be rude and keep my mouth shut) standing beside my husband while he talks business with an acquaintance. Wearing a long, huge, beautiful (but not comfy) ‘princess’ dress. My hair that was kept in rollers last night is now beautifully twisted and circled or braided atop my head with a few perfect curls dangling in just the right spots… Sorry, I’ll stop daydreaming now.. If you could not tell so far, I really enjoyed this vacation book 🙂

Rose McKay is just graduating design school and moving back home with her brother, Ewan, and his family. While traveling home with Ewan she finds out that he is no longer overseer of their uncles brickyard and is looking for a business to buy. They tour a brickyard, which Ewan knows all about and a pottery, which he knows nothing about. Rose and Ewan’s mother in law convince him the pottery would be the best choice for the family. This is where Rose’s training will come in. From the details, she is an excellent designer with great artistic instinct.

Along the way they are betrayed by an employee and a rejected suitor of Rose’s. They are being rejected for bids and barely hanging on in the pottery. All the time Mrs. McKay is going through an illness which turns into a miscarriage (after she’s not suppose to be able to get pregnant, which is sad in itself).

Finally, their chance to turn it all around. A huge competition for a hotel contract to produce all the dinnerware. Rose must work closely with Rylan, Ewan’s assistant. Convince the judges they did no wrong. While all the time they are slowly falling in love (after MANY disagreements). But they are perfect for each other, I seen this coming since I met the handsome Rylan….

The Potters Lady is a great historical read. I just love the romances of days gone by. It seems they were much more simple than it is in today’s world. People seemed to be a lot more polite and kind, if not only to your face. These historical reads always make me wish I was born to a different time. If only we could bring some of this back….

I received a complimentary copy of this book via Bethany House Publishers in exchange for an honest review. These thoughts are all mine 🙂


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