Burnt Secrets(Bodies Everywhere Series Book 2) by Barbara Martin

Burnt Secrets by Barbara MartinThis is a ‘clean’ read. A dangerous drug smuggling ring has taken control of Western North Carolina. They have a very unpleasant way of getting rid of their enemies. All law enforcement agencies have been called in to stop this threat. Marge, Abby, Liz and Shawn are anxious to help out. But will their efforts put them in more danger than FBI Special Agent Paul Froman can protect them from? Through all this turmoil, humor and a pinch of romance blossom.

Marge and Abby are best friends, coworkers and roommates for now. They are also amateur sleuths. Well, Marge is for sure. In Burnt Secrets Marge falls in the middle of a drug smuggling case all because she suspects a Dr. at the hospital where she works of taking drugs. It turns out to be way worse that using drugs that causes the good doctors life to become spiraling out of control.

During the investigation Marge works closely with FBI agent Paul Froman. While trying to find the ‘disappearing’ doctor, many bodies are found. Tensions run high for all agencies involved as moles are being discovered. Marriages are broken, and made. Families are threatened. Marge and  Paul don’t know who they can trust. From long time con artist working closely with the investigation to the straight up cops.

Marge and Paul spend most of this book avoiding their feelings for each other. But come on, we all know they are perfect for each other and should just suck it up and jump! Well, the end just made me smile. Thankfully they come to their senses. With all the love in this book, its hard to believe a murder investigation was going one. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t too much romance. I think there was a perfect mix of the two.

This is a well written and thought out suspense novel. Every page has new twist and kept me guessing the whole time. Barbara Martin is now added to my ‘must read’ list. Starting with Bodies Everywhere: Short Stories of Mystery & Murder (Bodies Everywhere Series Book 1). Then the rest will follow shortly.

I received a complimentary copy of this book via the author through ChoosyBookworm in exchange for an honest review. These thought and opinions are all mine.


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