Amongst The Flames(Embers and Ashes Book 1) by TK Chapin

Amongst The Flames by TK Chopin“A burning building doesn’t scare me at all compared to the thought of losing you.”

Firefighter Cole Taylor is the man everyone looks up to at Firehouse 9 in downtown Spokane. He’s been at the department for ten years and has no fear when it comes to dangerous situations.

Megan Taylor, Cole’s wife, is a stay-at-home mother of their two boys. She was everything Cole ever wanted in a woman and the perfect wife any man could ask for until one day when she decides to leave Cole.

Cole has fought hundreds of fires in his lifetime, but he had never tasted fear until he came to fighting a fire in his own home. Amongst The Flames is a Christian firefighter romance that tackles real-life situations and problems that exist in Christian marriages today. It brings with it passion, love and spiritual depth that will leave you feeling inspired. This Contemporary Christian Romance novel is one book that you’ll want to read over and over again.

Cole Taylor is a full time firemen, a part time husband, and sometimes a dad. Until a fire that changes his whole life.

Cole is hurt in the line of duty while trying to save someone’s life. While dealing with recovering from the injury Cole is faced with major life struggles. His wife, Megan, leaves him taking the kids along. He doesn’t get along with his in-laws and his friends seem to be at a distance now.

While Megan is staying at her sisters Tom, her dad, talks to Cole about his girls going astray. Cole doesn’t know the extent of what’s going on up there… Then there comes another call. This time Cole and Tom are on it together. During the fire Tom makes the choice to save Cole and a child, instead of himself. Cole must travel to his sister in laws to break the news to her, and his wife.

Cole finds the real meaning of the word ‘Christian,’ a real one, means to love as Jesus loved. You cant pick and choose who to be nice to or who to forgive. You have to do that for everyone. No matter the pain they’ve caused you.

He also finds out how to truly make a marriage work. Without putting God in it, and making Him first above all, you have nothing but two people. He is the key to making it all work!

If you cant tell, I loved this book. I also cried and cheered through many parts. I will read anything I can get my hands on by TK Chapin. Why am I just now discovering him? These books should jump to the top of list when looking up Christian Romance, or Suspense(Right by Dee Henderson and Karen Kingsbury).  He is truly talented, and will bring many Christians on a closer walk with God. If you don’t believe, you will still enjoy Amongst the Flames. And may come out with a better understanding of how many of us think.

AMONGST THE FLAMES is book one of the Contemporary Christian Romance Series, EMBERS & ASHES. Follow the lives of the men of Fire station #9 as they face the fires on and off the job. Inspirational romance stories full of faith, hope and love that will leave you feeling inspired.

(Book 1) Amongst The Flames
(Book 2) Out of the Ashes (October 5th 2015)
(Book 3) Up in Smoke (Fall 2015)
(Book 4) After the Fire (Winter 2015)

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. These thoughts and opinions are all mine.


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