Goodbye, Ben by Annagail Lynes

Goodbye, Ben by Annigail LynesFind out who killed Ben! The first novel written by Annagail Lynes. The first novel in the Jaguar and Peacock Series. Set in 2150, Federal Agent Jessa Strazzer has just enduring a horrendous experience. She lost her husband and had to learn to walk again. Now a box arrives from her husband that reveals that the car accident that took her husband was no accident.

Goodbye, Ben is set in a futuristic world. Federal agents Peacock(Jessa) and Jaguar(Nate) are partners and must find out who killed Peaks husband, Ben, who is also Jags brother. During this investigation they learn the Crimson Force is creating a bio drug to kill all Alliance Forces.

While digging for the truth, many moles are brought into the light. As they catch one it seems another is right behind them picking up their slack. It doesn’t turn too tricky until Peak an Jag go looking for a lab Ben had discovered¬†on one of his missions. This is where they find out their undercover agent is working for both sides. Almost getting Peak and Jag killed.

Throughout this mission Peak and Jag are falling in love with each other. Neither of them want to admit their feeling out of fear for their partnership, and disgracing Ben’s name. Throughout all their missions and battle they fight with their emotions and the Crimson Force.

They finally admit their feelings, and just in the nick of time. They save the Alliance forces by taking out all the people involved with the bio drug. Including the one person that could always make Jessa feel less than enough.

Goodbye, Ben was the perfect opening to this series. I believe Annagail Lynes will be one to watch for. Looking forward to what’s to come from her!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. These thoughts and opinions are all mine.


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