Too Cute to Kill by Linda Crowder

Too Cute to KillA November blizzard in Casper, Wyoming spells danger for anyone trapped in the whiteout. Shoveling out the next day, Jake and Emma Rand discover the frozen body of a woman steps from their front door, an apparent victim of the storm. It doesn’t take the police long to realize that someone other than Mother Nature is responsible for her death and the couple finds themselves in the middle of a murder.

When the murderer strikes again, Jake and Emma take matters into their own hands and travel to Gillette to unravel the mystery of who this woman was and how she met her lonely fate. What they uncover will rock this small western town to its core, but will they live to tell the tale?

Jake and Emma are just asking to be taken out… That’s my opinion, but on the other hand I absolutely love them.

When they find a frozen body on their property they go the right route and call the sheriff. When he doesn’t do all he can, Jake and Emma decide to investigate a little on their own. They try to find out all they can about the woman they found. But end up with little. While trying to uncover the truth another body is found.

This time there is a witness, kind of. Nick witnessed the murder of his father, but did not know anything was wrong until the murderer was already long gone. Nick then turned to Jake, his one time lawyer. With Jake, Nick went to the sheriff and told all he knew… Which wasn’t much since it was so dark.

Sheriff Reggie was hiding secrets. Or trying to buy his way around them. We still don’t know who he was answering to, but I will be finding out. Out of desperation, and just following orders, Reggie take Jake and Nick for their final ride. Luckily, Emma spots Reggie heading away from her house with them in tow and decides to follow then to the station. Only that’s not where they go.

Reggie continued driving, Emma following. When she realized something was wrong she called 911 to find out what exactly was going on. Dispatch had no clue where Reggie was, or why he would have arrested Jake and Nick. To top it off, he had turned off his cell phone, and his police radio. Just as they were making a turn off the highway Emma drops her phone, and realizes she has lost service.

Thankfully, dispatch heard Emma stating the road they were turning on. When they finally stop, Emma parks her vehicle a little ways away and sneaks up around them. When she gets there Reggie has a gun pulled on Nick and Jake. Unknown to anyone else, Emma has been taking marksmen classes and hits her target on the mark. Well, not exactly where she was aiming but she hits him just the same.

All kinds of secrets are revealed. Relationships are tested, and made stronger. Friendships are done the same. In the end, we still have questions. Which is why this is a series!

I have to say, after reading(and reviewing) Justice for Katie. I am happy to be starting this series from the beginning. Cant wait to read the rest of them. Remember, Linda Crowder is a wonderful author. If you haven’t yet, give her a chance. You wont regret it!


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