Inescapable by Nancy Mehl

InescapableWhen danger stalks Lizzie back to her quiet Mennonite hometown, more than her life’s at risk. With nowhere else to go, whom can she trust?

Lizzie leaves her Mennonite hometown in the cover of darkness. She was an unwed mother. She travels to a big town and starts out waitressing. From there she meets a nice woman, Sylvia, that introduces Lizzie to a new career, and helps teach her everything she needs to know. After all, Lizzie hadn’t even seen a movie until after she was 18 and left home. She had no clue about computers or pretty much anything else.

When Sylvia had health problems, someone else was brought in to run Harbor House. And she hadn’t liked Lizzie from the start. When Lizzie is accused of embezzling money from Harbor House she decided it was time to go back to Kingdom. With no job, and a man stalking her she didn’t have any other choice.

When she arrives back in Kingdom, a lot of things have changed. Except her father. He is still hateful, and doesn’t want to even see Lizzie and her now 6 year old daughter, Charity. Her mother sends her to the town Café, to Cora. Thankfully, Cora had open arms and open doors. She let Lizzie, and Charity stay in the upstairs apartment for free, and gave Lizzie a job working in the restaurant.

Enter Noah… Lizzie’s childhood best friend, and secret crush holder. They meet at the café, and they still have a special spark. Lizzie is confused and doesn’t know what to do when Clay, Charity’s father, finds them. Clay makes it seem that he just heard they were back in town. In actuality he hired the man that had been stalking Lizzie. He was also the one behind her being accused of embezzling at Harbor House.

You will have to read this book yourself to find out exactly what happens. But I will tell you this: I did not expect the outcome at all. It was crazy, and wonderful all at the same time. Nancy Mehl is a great storyteller. Inescapable is full of suspense, hope and love. This is a great book for anyone. Rather you love suspense, romance or just cozy books; this is for you! Enjoy.


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