Linked (Cage of Lies Book 2) by Susanne Valenti

Linked by Susanne VIn a world she never knew existed, Maya is coming to terms with how much her life has changed. Danger lurks around every corner, nothing is as she expects and she’s never felt so alive. But the choices she makes could change everything and jeopardise the things she cherishes most. There is so much to learn and so much to love but her heart is pulling her back. The Guardians are hiding in the shadow cast by their Wall, concealing the truth from the people inside. It’s a shadow that darkens her happiness and she can’t stop fighting until the truth comes to light. It would be easier to walk away but Maya has never run from anything and she’s not about to start now.

OH MY GOSH!!! I’m still kinda shocked, and my face a little tear stained…but Ill try to start from the beginning.

Linked brings us a bunch of new characters. I cant agree their all good, but they are obviously needed. Blane is the one you will love, he turn out to be a really great ally. Gregor is in love with Alicia and bordering on crazy. Luca, you will love to hate him. Cant wait to see why he has a HUGE chip on his shoulder though (we will find out?!?!). Then there’s Crystal. Her and Coal used to have a ‘thing’ and she doesn’t want anyone to forget it, or ignore her. These new characters all have a way of making things interesting.

On to the story…. There’s a new mission 🙂 Yes, they went again. Only it didn’t work out exactly as planned. They ended up taking a detour to save Maya. She was kidnapped by some idiots! Yes, I say that because they weren’t very smart in the beginning. Did they really think they would get a ransom for her? They were very wrong. She ended up escaping before her friends could make it to her. They all meet up in the forest (Maya, her friends, the men who kidnapped her, and the Creepers!). It was a big fight and the Creepers ran away, crying again 🙂 They did help to save the kidnappers though.

Then finally, they get to head for the city!!!! I was so excited for this part. Maya thought her parents were dead for years, she was all alone. Now she knows their alive and she has a chance to free/save them? Well yeah, lets go! But of course other things get in the way. Not only do they have to walk for days but they but also a longggg time walking through mud. This mud just so happens to hide creatures that are eating men…. No thank you!

But after the mud they get to spend some time on a beautiful beach. Which was great because they all needed to bathe!

The relationships in this book kind of surprised me. Maya and Coal make a great couple. Their fierce, focused and plenty capable. But then you throw in Taylor and Crystal, it makes the relationship seem that much better! Taylor and Crystal are not together, just getting in the way! I love Hunter and Laurie together. They seem to enjoy it too. Now if only Alicia an Taylor would get together it would all work or good… Or that’s what I thought until the last couple chapters…

Now I’m just sad. I understand sometimes we have to part with characters, but why (tears)!! I am worried about Maya and Alicia. And I’m hoping Taylor doesn’t get any ideas now…I still don’t think he has a chance, just saying!

I guess I have rambled on enough… Even though I have a million more things I could say, I’m afraid I’ll be ruining it for you 😦 So check Susanne Valenti and Cage of Lies out!!!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. These thoughts and opinions are all mine.


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