Out Of The Ashes (Embers and Ashes Book 2) by TK Chapin

Out of the Ashes by TK Chapin
Firefighter Kane McCormick is one of the younger guys down at fire station 9. While he is charming and attractive, he has a quick temper that often gets him into more trouble than he’d like. When one unlucky night lands him behind bars, Kane is forced to deal with the hard reality of his mother’s rapidly deteriorating health. Experience by experience Kane begins to see how much bigger God is than his problems. Just as he thinks he has it all figured out, a family secret comes to light that might ruin everything.

Fire can destroy, but it also can cleanse. It holds the power to make new what was once old. It is through these fires in our lives that we are refined into something more than we once were. When we lose ourselves, we gain Jesus. Out of the Ashes is a contemporary Christian romance novel that dives deep into the heart of a believer that is struggling. Kane, just like everyone else, is not perfect, but he has a desire to know God. This Christian Romance novel will inspire you, move you and start a fire in your heart.

A must read for every born-again Christian reader that is seeking a great Contemporary Christian Romance with a little heat.

I knew Kane was going to become someone very special when reading Amongst the Flames. I had no idea though, he would turn out this great. Showing others Gods love is a huge part of believing in Him. Kane shows us just how to do that in Out of the Ashes.

With lots of anger already, Kane is suspended from his job as a firemen due to a bar room fight. Then he learns his moms cancer is back. This time though, there is nothing the doctors can do for her.

With time off from work Kane decides to watch his nephew for a couple days to let his sister visit with their mom. Kane and Christopher get to become good friends. One day when the electric goes out, they go to the park to play baseball. Christopher had never played before and really liked it. This is where they meet Kristen, and her son Blake. Blake and Christopher became quick friends. Kane and Chris were invited to their church’s barbeque the next day. Thankfully, they went and Chris made a lot of new friends. He was even invited to a LAN party that night.

That was also the same time Kane’s mom took a turn for the worse according to his sister, Emily. When Kane went to visit her that afternoon, his mom wanted to go walk a trail they always went to as kids. He of course took her. The next day he got the news she was gone.

This tore Kane up, he went back to that trail with liquor and ended up falling in a ravine. When waking up, Cole was there. After talking, Kane made the decision to stop drinking, and give his life to God, completely this time.

After going back to his sisters house and talking with Emily and Chris, he too made the decision to give his life completely to God. Chris even came clean about using drugs to his mom, and admitted he doesn’t feel the need for them any longer. Emily, the once Christian skeptic, didn’t put down on them but didn’t join them either.

A few days later they all got a huge shock. They had a brother, and he was given all their moms money in the will. Timothy was given up for adoption when he was born. He’s had drug problems, money problems, and a greedy adoptive family. In a note he received from their mother, he was suppose to use the money for specific things. Honestly, I didn’t think he would listen. Kane had faith in him, and ended up convincing Emily not to contest the will.

Life goes on… and this between Kane and Kristen heat up…

Kane, Cole, Micah, Brian and Rick all went to a men’s retreat the church along with others in the area were holding. At breakfast the first day a last minute speaker was added. He began his speech talking about the person that changed his life. It was Kane McCormick. Because Kane sought out Timothy, and wouldn’t stop until they talked and got to know each other a little better it changed his life.

Timothy decided not to listen to his uncle. He was instead going to follow the list his mother gave him, and do everything she wanted. Timothy also decided to live for God, and gave up the drugs and drinking for good.

I know I kind of skipped around some, and left out some stuff too. Please forgive me, but this could end up being a book about a book if I let it. I believe I liked this book better that the first of the series. It shows more real life situations, outside of marriage. And of course, the kindness and forgiveness that is always a part of a true Christian. Love it! Hope y’all enjoy it too. And, if you haven’t yet, go check out TK Chapin.

I received a complementary copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. These thoughts and opinions are all mine.


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