Gone (Gone Series Book 1) by Stacy Claflin

Gone by Stacy COne poor decision will haunt her forever.

Macy Mercer only wants a little independence. Eager to prove herself grown up, she goes to a dark, secluded park. She’s supposed to meet the boy of her dreams who she met online. But the cute fifteen year old was a fantasy, his pictures fake. She finds herself face to face with Chester Woodran, a man capable of murder.

Distraught over his own missing daughter, Chester insists that Macy replace his lost girl. He locks Macy up, withholds food, and roughs her up, demanding that she call him dad. Under duress from his constant threats and mind games, her hold on reality starts to slip. Clinging to her memories is the only way of holding onto her true identity, not believing that she is Chester’s daughter. Otherwise she may never see her family again.

Gone is the first novel in the Gone saga, a trilogy of psychological suspense thrillers. If you enjoy page turning suspense with constant twists and turns, then you’ll love this nail-biting read.

Macy thought she knew exactly what she was doing. All her friends were dating, and going out on weekends. Not Macy, she wasn’t allowed to date until she turned 16. So she decided to take things into her own hands.

After chatting online with a sweet, caring, baseball player from another town Macy decided to meet up with him. She snuck out of the house to meet him at a park to go ‘hang out’ at the mall. When he was running late she received a text saying his dad would pick her up(alarms going off). When the ‘dad’ showed up a few minutes later, Macy started having second and third thoughts.

After ignoring her bad feelings about this, she jumped in the truck with him. After he makes a wrong turn Macy decides she wants out. Only, he doesn’t let her. He locks the doors, and she realizes it wont open. She is at some point knocked out, and put in the back of his truck. Although she’s a vegan, and he already knew this, he makes her eat a greasy burger. That’s just the beginning of her problems.

When they finally stop, Macy is kept in a storm cellar of sorts under a barn. He leaves her there for days without food or water. Finally, she can get out of the cellar, all she has to do is call him ‘daddy’. Then pretend to be Heather. His Heather. Sounds pretty easy, right? I don’t think so…

Macy then has to be Heather 24 hours a day. Its hard for her. She is trying to keep who she really is while pretending to be someone else. Her only hope of escaping becomes her ‘grandparents’. Although they are really Heathers grandparents, and didn’t realize she wasn’t Heather, they strike a bond.

Gone is the first book in the Gone Series by Stacy Claflin. I for one, will be reading the rest of this series. Macy is such a brave young girl, I really hope she escapes. Maybe putting her capturer in the place he belongs once and for all. Cant wait to see where this series goes, and how everything works out!


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