Dies Irae (Scott Dryco Book 3) by BV Lawson

Dies Aire by BV Lawson

A mysterious music puzzle. A murdered coed. Sinister secrets. Three years ago, Scott Drayco left the FBI after an incident involving his partner, Mark “Sarg” Sargosian. Now a freelance crime consultant, Drayco often helps law enforcement on cases, but he never imagined his estranged former partner would turn up on his doorstep, pleading for Drayco’s help. A coed at an elite Washington, D.C., private college has been murdered, and the victim’s friend, Sarg’s own daughter Tara, might be the next target. The killer left behind a puzzling music code at the crime scene, and Drayco soon learns he has two things in common with the murdered girl – a music background and synesthesia. The case takes an even stranger turn after a second murder and a second music code, with signs pointing toward a possible ritualistic killer. Then, Drayco himself starts receiving coded messages . . .

Dyrco made me a little upset in Dies Irae. Only because of Darcie though… There’s just somethin about her that I don’t like, at all. Every time she comes around, I’m praying he says ITS OVER!!!! Yes, that’s weird, but he deserves someone a lot better. I feel as if she is just there for fun. And gossip, of course. I don’t thinks there’s really a connection outside of the bedroom… and Dryco knows this too!

Nelia…. She is in a tough spot. Abusive, disease ridden husband. She has a strong connection with Dryco. She’s tough, a great cop with bigger dreams she had to put on hold. Why cant she be single? Dryco belongs with her, out of all other options so far.

To the point now… There’s a killer on the Parkhurst campus. After the first murder, the FBI is called in. Only after a letter containing music is found Dryco was called to consult with them on the case. He’s teamed up with his old partner, ‘Sarg,’ and we get the answers for why he left the FBI.

The murder is at first believed to be due to some kind of love triangle. When a second victim shows up, things change quickly. The FBI and local police believe it was a murder-suicide. Luckily Dryco didn’t believe that, and refused to give up searching for the truth.

He believed it was all somehow linked to a synesthesia study being conducted on campus. While hiding out from being arrested (for not giving up the investigation) with Nelia, he receives a phone call from Tara, Sarg’s daughter. She had been kidnapped, bound and was being transported to an unknown location. And the dummies left her phone on her, you’d think they would know better…

After a string of arsons, Dryco had a good idea of where she was being taken to. After leaving Nelia in the car to call for backup, he goes in alone. Not noticing an alcove gets him drugged and knocked out. When he awakens, he notices Nelia peaking around the corner where no one else could see had noticed her. He gives a signel and on three they jump into action. Startling the murderer, who knocks over a bucket of gasoline (close to a fire), and his female accomplice who takes off running.

Nelia chases the woman while Dryco brings Tara out to safety, away from the fire and smoke. When returning inside to retrieve the man, he’s standing in the middle of the fire, completely engulfed in flames. Dryco instead retrieves his gun from the ground and shoots the man dead, fulfilling an earlier promise…

I know I left out names, and tried not to give too many details. It was hard, as I could go on and on about Dryco. Especially him and Darcie, or Nelia. I just want my friend to be happy and loved, is that too much to ask? Anyway, if you read Dies Irae, you’ll understand why I didn’t give names. It would completely ruin it for you 😦

I finished this book wanting more, as always! BV Lawson is working her way higher on my favs list with every book! The characters jump off the page and pull you into the story on every single page. When Dryco is playing the piano, I may have no clue what it actually is but I hear beautiful music, and see him sitting there playing it… I’m afraid I’m addicted 🙂

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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