Cut Glass (A Cage of Lies Novella 0.5) by Susanne Valenti

Cut Glass by Susanne ValentiCrystal’s life ended in the forest when she was a child. She swore an oath to keep fighting but her heart will never be the same again. She craves the love she lost and fears the pain it left her with. The shadows of her past won’t leave her side but there is one person who helps her forget them for a time. Though she knows that she will never feel true happiness again it is a gift she wants to give. To the boy who saved her life when she had lost all hope. Crystal would do anything to see him smile again. She owes him that much, even if he doesn’t agree.

Before the events of Chained, Crystal met Coal…

So, I have been putting off reading Cut Glass until it was closer for a new book in this series. I couldn’t wait any longer, I tried my best, but it was calling my name 🙂

Crystal has been an intriguing character and it was nice to know her story. It really brings thing that happen in Chained, and Linked into prospective. After losing her family, and everyone she knew, I’m glad she was strong enough to keep living. And thankfully Coal was there so save her… I’m still glad Coal didn’t fall in love with her, that just wouldn’t have been the same..

This novella shows us how Crystal became the way she is now. Honestly, I’m so glad I read this book. If not, I would still be looking at her as the ‘boy crazy,’ physco. Thankfully I no longer feel that way. Crystal is just trying to make friends and stop being invisible. She has no problems with that now. I had also completely forgot about her ‘being in love’ with Coal, the ending of Linked had to crush her just as much as Maya and Alicia. She even has her own little spot in my heart now *tear*.

Now, it has been long enough, I’m ready for book 3 of this series 🙂 And, that’s not even taking in the fact I will read ten other books dreaming of Cage of Lies Series..


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