Held(Gone Series Book 2) by Stacy Claflin

Held by Stacy CKidnapped. Tortured. Unbreakable.

All Macy Mercer wanted was to live her own life, but the online boy of her dreams turned out to be a father with an ulterior motive. Through constant threats and abuse, Chester Woodran seeks to replace his own missing daughter. As Macy holds tight to her thin grip on reality, Woodran takes them to their new home: a place that could double as the site of a horror movie.

As Macy convinces Chester of her brainwashing, her family and friends cope with her disappearance. When new clues seem to confuse more than clarify, Macy must hold onto hope that her ordeal won’t turn deadly.

Held is the second book in the Gone saga, a series of psychological suspense thrillers. If you like page turning mysteries with constant twists and turns, then you’ll love this chilling read.

Continue the attention-grabbing series today!

Macy is a strong young woman!!! After being kidnapped (in Gone) and going days without food/water, she is now able to move around… a little.

In Held, Chester moves Macy to a new home, and has a new mother for her. Upon arriving at their new ‘home’ they are met by their leaders. Can we say creepy? Because believe me, they are!! Anyway, they have to be purified. Which basically means they have to take an ice cold shower and scrub with some stinky soap.. Then they hear all the rules, well, Macy hears them for the first time. No woman is allowed to speak to any male, of any age, at any time, unless spoken to. She must go to school, and do chores every day. No weekends, or holidays.

They finally get to go into the community, and Macy under stands why Chester has chosen this community. There are high walls all around, with wires on top. The only gate is keep shut and locked. They are totally self sufficient. The leader claims to be a prophet and says he’s had visions of Chester long before he ever found him. Chester is going to quickly rise through the ranks of the community and has found a great place to keep her quiet and trapped. Or so he thought.

That first night Macy and Chester are unveiled as new members of the cult community and a wedding ceremony is performed. Rebekah, her new mom is very friendly, and tries to get to know Macy, and helps her out with all the rules. Rebekah also came from the ‘world’ and had been in the community for a couple of years now. This helps their relationship, knowing some of how ‘Heather’ is feeling. If she only knew the whole story…

She is allowed to go to school, or rather has to go to school. This is where she meets Luke. Macy and Luke become fast friends in only a couple of weeks. During breaks, she learns that Luke and other kids are planning to escape someday. Macy cant wait for someday, and pushes all their plans up in time. They are escaping that night.

The plan is to burn a part of the fence and escape through it while everyone is sleeping. Of course, Chester follows Macy out the house. A chase/fight ensues. After getting away from him a couple times, and thinking they lost him again he’s back in their path. Only this time he has his gun. Chester ends up shooting and killing Dorcas, another good friend of Macy’s. They end up escaping through the fence and eventually catch up with the others that had escaped.

And this is where Held ends… I actually wrote that in my notes to make sure I didn’t start talking about Over in this review. Don’t worry, you’ll get that review in a day or two 🙂

I have a love/hate relationship with this series. I love it but I hate Chester! He deserves to be about six feet under if ya get my drift. Normally I don’t get this upset with the bad guys, but Id love to jump through a page to help Macy out! Thankfully, she is getting stronger and confident. I’m hoping she gets far away from Chester, don’t know if this will happen yet or not but that’s my hopes.

For now, I will stop rambling so I can read some more. Don’t forget to check out this author, Stacy Claflin. She is wonderful! I have loved every one of her books I’ve read so far.

I received a complimentary copy of this book via the author in exchange for an honest review. These thoughts are all mine!


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