Over (Gone Series Book 3) by Stacy Claflin

Over by Stacy CMacy has faced horrors worse than she ever imagined at the hands of her kidnapper, Chester Woodran. She’s played the part of the daughter he sought to replace. It’s becoming more and more apparent that her only chance to survive may involve a risky escape attempt.

As her friends and family deal with their own dark secrets, Macy must risk everything to have one last chance at freedom.

Over is the third and final installment of the Gone saga, a series of psychological suspense thrillers. If you like haunting characters and an intense mystery, then you’ll love Stacy Claflin’s compelling conclusion to what readers are calling “one of the best series to come along in a while.”

Read the stunning conclusion of the Gone series today!

Thank God, its finally over! And no, I’m not talking about the book. Macy was kidnapped and held captive for almost six months. Chester, the sick man who took her, is finally getting some of what he deserves.

In Held Macy and other kids had escaped the ‘community’ and it left us at a stand still. Well, they were captured the next day or two later. After attempting to get away from Chester repeatedly in the woods, he broke or badly sprained Macys knee. She passes out and wakes up in the old house. Because of her escape attempt they were kicked out of the community, and believe me, Chester and Rebekah are not happy about it.

Macy spends her days, after her leg is healed, cleaning, cooking and taking care of her ‘true’ mom Rebekah. Macy is still looking for ways out, and one day gets her chance. She runs through the front door while Chester is in the shower. The alarm is blasting, and sirens are headed their way. After getting away from Chester in the street a neighbor grabs Macy, thinkin she is Heather, and claims she has escaped from the hospital.

Macy, believed to be Heather, was taken to the hospital and put back into Heathers room. Later that day she and Heather finally meet. At first Heather was kind of freaked out, but after she heard all of Macys story, she knew Macy was her way out also. The girls come up with a plan to make the nurses listen to them.

Macys parents are called to identify her, and the cops get the full story from Macy, and Heather. Macy gets to go home with her parents. Heather is released to her grandparents, and is no longer considered crazy.

Then at a party to celebrate one year of Macy being home, Lydia is suspecting her husband is up to something not good… Cant wait to hear her story.

I also left out major details about Macy’s family throughout this whole thing. Its not that its not important, because believe me its very important. But you have to read it yourself. Every time I tried to write about them, it just felt off. So Id left it out 😦 Anywho, I believe the whole family is stronger due to what Macy had gone through.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. These thoughts and opinions are all mine.

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