Dean’s List (Gone) by Stacy Claflin

Deans List by Stacy ClaflinLydia Harris thinks her marriage to Dean has problems. When she finds a box of news clippings her husband took great pains to conceal, however, the problems go from disappointing to dangerous. The articles report about killings nation-wide… in cities where he has traveled. She doesn’t want to believe him capable of such violence, so she searches for clues to explain the hidden clippings.

As the growing evidence points to his guilt, Dean starts to act like the loving husband he once was, confusing Lydia. She must look past her love for him to uncover the truth, whatever the cost. Or she could end up next on his list.

(This is a standalone from the Gone trilogy. You don’t need to read the trilogy to read Dean’s List.)

I must admit, I hated Lydia at first. She was a selfish, love blinded, sleazy lover of Macie’s dad, Chad. Now, I see her differently and completely understand why she was looking for happiness. Even if it was outside of her marriage. Chad was just a great distraction from her own troubles and marriage(Dean) for a while…

Dean is a good looking, hard working, wonderful provider, and a crappy husband. After finding out Lydia couldn’t have kids, he changed and not for the better. No more romance, or even tolerance in their marriage. He started having affairs and who knows what else Dean was up to. When Lydia made a mess in their closet one day she found a hiding place of his while cleaning it up. It was a lot of newspaper clippings from all the cities Dean has traveled to for work. All of murdered women.

Is he researching for something? Maybe just collecting articles? Or did he kill all these women? Lydia doesn’t know, but she suspects the worst and is determined to find out.

After digging around their house, being caught and Dean freezing her credit cards she has a huge decision to make. Does she leave him and run, or go to the police? Lydia finally tells her girl friends what’s going on, of course they completely believe her. Luckily they talk her into leaving town as quickly as possible. It doesn’t work though…

Dean finds Lydia, chases her through the woods then ties her up in the trunk to bring her home. He believes she should be by his side through it all, help him kill more women. Stupid man!  He leaves her alone to go down stairs for a few minutes and she manages to get off the bed(still tied up) and attempt to raise the blinds to catch someone attention. She is able to raise one side up some, leaving the blinds at an odd angle.

Luckily Cara, one of Lydia’s ‘girl friends’ and one of Dean’s lovers and baby momma, has finally answered her phone and is now driving back to Bri’s house with Corey(Bri’s husband). When driving by Dean and Lydia’s house Cara notices the blinds are all messed up. They all know Lydia would never leave it like that if nothing was wrong. So Corey decides to go have a look around. He sneaks into the house but Dean hears him and drags Lydia down stairs to look around.

When seeing Corey with a baseball bat, Dean put his knife to Lydia’s throat, and holds her there. Sirens getting close distract Dean, giving Lydia an escape. The police come in and Dean is refusing to give up. He is shot in the leg, and after threatening Lydia’s life finally gives up. He is arrested and will be in jail for a very, very long time.

At the end Lydia is moving out of their house and Toby is going to be helping her unpack into her new place. Wonder what happens with that?!?!?!?!?!

I couldn’t put this book down! I was actually late for work because I sat in the parking lot reading a little to long one morning…and that was after staying up past midnight reading! Dean’s List goes along with the Gone Series I recently reviewed, but is a stand alone. Anything written by Stacy Claflin is now on my MUST read list. She is a wonderful author, and can really bring her characters to life and make them feel like real people! If you haven’t checked her out yet, stop putting it off! You’re missing something good!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. These thoughts and opinions are all mine.


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