Deadly Christmas Secrets by Shirlee McCoy

Deadly Christmas Secret by Shirlee McCoyTHE CHRISTMAS TARGET

When new evidence surfaces that Harper Shelby’s niece is possibly alive, Harper doesn’t expect it to endanger her life. For her protection, she has to put her much-guarded trust in Logan Fitzgerald, the man who unknowingly led a killer to her doorstep. Hired to track Harper down, security and rescue expert Logan doesn’t like that he’s been used to find a woman who someone apparently wants dead. Now he won’t leave Harper’s side until he can guarantee her safety and untangle the truth from the lies regarding her sister’s and niece’s murders. The closer they get to finding answers, the more intent the killer becomes on making sure that there won’t be a family reunion—or happily-ever-after—for Harper this Christmas.

Mission: Rescue—No job is too dangerous for these fearless heroes

Logan and Harper make a great pair, even if it takes them a while to figure it out!

Logan shows up at Harpers house, out in the middle of nowhere four years after her sister and niece are murdered, and trouble follows him. Turn out he was hired by her brother in law to find her, but someone close to him wanted Harper dead instead. They don’t get to her though, and not due to lack of trying. They just had too much against them.

After being chased through the woods that first day, to getting shot at while trying to go to a safe house, Harper finally gets some news. Her brother in law received a picture, and he believes its really Amelia (Harpers niece), his missing daughter. With the help of HEART, Harper is determined to find out if its really her niece or not.

They go to her brother in laws house, witness him kissing his new fiancé and end up leaving only to get ambushed on their way out of town. Which least to being with the detective when he receives news of Amelia. She was adopted by a preacher and his wife in Pennsylvania. Her ‘mom’ had come to town, started attending church regularly and claimed she was dying of cancer. She had talked the preacher into adopting the child, so she would not remember her ‘mom’ like that.

While traveling to meet the pastor and his wife Harper is poisoned, believed to be by her brother in laws fiancé, and ends up in the hospital. The same day she wakes up, Amelia turns up missing. She was taken by a woman with short black hair. If you read the book you’ll know exactly who that is…

But… Logan has to leave the hospital to help search for Amelia, and leaves Harper in the hands of the local PD, then the lights suddenly go out. After waiting a few minutes Harper decides not to be a sitting duck, only to open the door and be face to face with the woman who killed her sister and plans to kill her, and Amelia.

Of course, Amelia is a little firecracker and helps Harper out! They make it out alive, in one piece and the murderer is captured!

The best part of this whole story is Amelia returning to family, and actually remembering them! That for me was a great moment.

Shirlee McCoy is one of my favorite authors. She really knows how to draw you into a story and then keep you there until its over(or you just cant hold your eyes open any longer). Deadly Christmas Secrets was just like that, too.


I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. These thoughts and opinions are all mine.


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