Deliverance(The Island III) by CB Stone

Deliverence by CB Stone“You fools,” Elder Allen hisses once more, and I flinch. “You may have scorned my methods, and not liked the way I did things, but I did all of that for a reason. I worked tirelessly to keep things the way they were, because the alternative…” he shakes his greying head, “the alternative is just too horrific to contemplate.”

Reagan, Connor, and the rest of the Shepherds might be down, but they aren’t out. They’re determined to find a way off loony island, and help the rest of the Flock escape unharmed too. But have they misjudged their foe? Is their enemy even more dangerous than they first thought? And will Andie ever come to her senses and help them?

This is the third book in the Island Trilogy by C.B. Stone. A while ago I reviewed the first two books Desperation and Escalation. Deliverance picks up where Escalation leave us..

Reagan and Connor and the rest of the Sect are still in jail, or what is considered jail. They spend their days working at different jobs, under close surveillance, and their nights in a cell with Elder Allen. The crazy old man tells them about a ‘dirty bomb’ David has hidden away somewhere on the island. Once he believes that his followers are too contaminated, he plans to kill them all.

This sets the Sect members into action. They must find a way off the island fast. While trying to spread word that the Exodus is still going to take place, they learn there are a lot more help than they first thought. One day, an all out brawl starts up. That’s when David disappears toward the docks. Reagan and Connor try to follow, only to be stopped by Josh, a devout strongly favoring with David. That is until he hears why they are chasing David, then joins them.

David is stopped and tied up, but not before he detonates the bomb. There’s no way to turn it off, or stop it. Josh makes a courageous sacrifice. He decides to take the boat away from the island to save everyone else, but will surly be the end of him.

Reagan and Connor decide to stay on the island since David is no longer controlling everything and everyone. A lot of changes are happening fast. Everyone now has a choice to stay, or leave the island. Reagan and Connor finally admit their feelings for one another… maybe a wedding in the future? (Island Book Four maybe?)

I absolutely loved this series. C.B. Stone is a very talented writer with a great big imagination, and knows how to mix them together! Maybe someday we can get a follow up. Kind of like ‘where are they now’ type book? That would be awesome! (Just a thought) If you haven’t yet, READ this series!

I received a complimentary copy of this book via the author in exchange for an honest review. These thoughts and opinions are all mine.


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