Ransom by Terri Reed

Ransom by Terri Reed“WE HAVE YOUR SISTER.”

Liz Cantrell is terrified when she receives a call from a man holding her newlywed sister captive—and she’s convinced her sketchy brother-in-law’s involved. Willing to pay any price for her sister’s freedom, Liz flies to Niagara Falls with the ransom: an uncut diamond necklace worth millions. But the moment she lands, a handsome, world-weary Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent takes her into custody. Blake Fallon’s determined to catch a ruthless diamond smuggler—and the pretty antiques dealer trying to save her sister could be just the break his case needs. But as they team up to rescue Liz’s sister and trap the criminal mastermind, a desperate standoff will threaten everything they hold precious—including their lives.

Northern Border Patrol: Keeping the US-Canada border safe.

Liz likes to stay to herself and what she knows. Not letting anyone close to her except for her sister, Jillian. That is until Jillian is kidnapped on her honeymoon, and Liz is forced to the northern boarder to save her, or try to at least.

Jillian’s new husband, Travis, has turned out to be a thief and works for a nasty, evil man. Travis stole a necklace from his boss that is worth millions of dollars to impress Jillian, and his boss wants it back. Even if it costs a couple of lives to get it back. Throw in another man also trying to steal the necklace from Liz and you’ve got a lot of trouble!

When arriving at the airport Liz is brought into an interrogation room. This is where she meets Blake, a handsome cop that’s been after Santani for a long time, with no luck. Can they work together to save Jillian and capture Santani? Well, I’ll tell you their in for a long, crazy ride.

From getting chased to almost kidnapped herself, then actually getting kidnapped, Liz stays strong and determined to get her baby sister back home safely. During this trying time, Liz learns a lot about what she has been missing out on. Before she was a loner, afraid to let anyone in. Now, after all that’s happened, she realizes someone to love would not be all that bad.

She has fallen in love with Blake, she cant keep thoughts of him off her mind. Distractions are not even working to stop thoughts of him. Then after talking to Jillian, Liz gets brave enough to send him an invitation for a Valentine’s dinner. Thank God, Blake flies to meet her, after admitting his is also in love with Liz and can’t live without her. Together they are healing each other while loving the best they can.

I really want to start over and read this whole series!!! Normally I’m pretty up to date on the Harlequin Love Inspired Suspense, but completely missed this series 😦 No worries though, when I catch up you will all hear about it!

Terri Reed will keep you entertained throughout Ransom (and every other book she has written). Every page had twists and turns you would never expect. A few of these characters may even surprise you.

I received a complimentary copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. These thoughts and opinions are all mine



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