The Lady Vanished by Gretta Mulrooney

The Lady VanishedHow can someone vanish without a trace?
Carmen Langborne is a woman who no one seems to like very much, and now she’s gone missing. But there is no body, no leads and no real suspects. And the police have stopped investigating her disappearance.

Carmen’s stepdaughter Florence hires private detective Tyrone Swift to find the missing woman. If the body is found, Florence will inherit half of a very valuable house. As Swift delves deeper into the family’s affairs, he discovers dark family secrets that threaten the reputations of powerful people. Will Swift get to the truth before those with much to hide stop him?

Find out in this absorbing mystery with many twists and turns, featuring characters with real dilemmas and conflicts. You will not want to put this book down till the surprising and dramatic conclusion.

THE LADY VANISHED is the first in a new series of detective mysteries featuring Tyrone Swift. Tyrone Swift is a former policeman turned private detective. He’s survived a stabbing and his fiancée running off with another man. Swift is unlucky in love but pretty good at getting to the truth. He loves rowing on the river Thames and his ex-fiancée has just come back on the scene.

This book just wasn’t what I had expected. There was very little mystery or suspense. Tyrone Swift, a private detective, was hired for fine Carmen, and elderly rich woman.

And that’s what he does, eventually. In between he is following a guy who believes his ex girlfriend is stalking him, taking care of his elderly tenant and longing for his ex fiancé. His ex left him for another man and now that man has a disease. So she isn’t really happy. They want each other back but she wont leave her disabled husband. (Yet its okay to secretly meet another man every week? Don’t think so…)

Swift deals with the missing woman’s step kids that are spoiled and really only care about Carmen’s money. Then the ‘house keeper,’ she was probably the best character in here for me. She is lively, out spoken and has a REAL personality. Everyone else just seems stiff. Oh yeah, there’s also the ‘colorful’ little lady Carmen had gotten fired…She should have her own book.

Anyway, The lady reappears….

Yup, she was being kept in another house. You would never suspect this person. The reasons you don’t even have a hint of thoughout the whole book.

This wasn’t a horrible book, no where near the worst I’ve ever read. Maybe its just me but I couldn’t really get into it, and it took me a whole week to read which is unusual. If you like detective books give it a shot, then tell me I’m wrong. (Seriously!!)

I received a complimentary copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. These thoughts and opinions are all mine.



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