Louisiana Saves the Library by Emily Beck Cogburn

Louisiana Saves the LibraryFor Louisiana Richardson, desperate times call for crazy-like-a-fox measures. As the new librarian at Alligator Bayou Parish’s struggling library, she’s returning to her Southern roots and facing trouble hotter than fresh cornbread out of the oven. Somehow, she’s got to draw readers back in and prove the library is still vital—even as domineering parish board head Mrs. Gunderson plans to shut it down for good. If that means Louise has to resort to some unconventional methods—like outrageous inter-library Zumba classes, and forming a book club that’s anything but Oprah-approved—well, it wouldn’t be the first time she went out on a limb…

Soon Louise is doing everything she can to rally the whole community. Before she knows it, she’s sparking welcome changes—and uncovering surprising secrets—throughout her new town.  And between glasses of sweet tea, bowls of mouth-watering gumbo and the warmth of a tantalizing new love, the newly single Southern mom might find a life she never imagined—and a place to finally call home.

Emily Beck Cogburn crafts a novel full of charm, delight and acres of heart about the enduring joys of storytelling and the ways hope can write life’s most extraordinary moments.

Okay, so I completely feel in love with Louisiana aka Louise. She was shy and quiet at first, but after a little time she became bold and outspoken. Without Louise and Sylvia the Alligator Bayou Library wouldn’t even exist.

After losing their jobs at a collage Louise and Sylvia accept jobs at a small library in the middle of nowhere. Welcome to Alligator Bayou. Louise ends up having to sell her house and move into the town to be closer to work and a co workers good looking cousin. Together they change the library for the better.

New classes, extended hours and more multimedia choices for patrons all help get a new tax for the library. In return, Louise gets a permanent job and gets to see the community grow.

While dealing with the library, Louise is faced with her ex husband moving closer and wanting a relationship with his kids. After their divorce the only thing he had for them was money, when he bothered to send it. Now with his new wife, they are all trying to figure out how to co-parent. It goes a lot better once Louise learns how to let go of control, and its a lot better for her too.

Then there is Sal, her new boyfriend. Thankfully, they are both willing to go slow and heal old wounds fist. This is a dynamite couple, in my opinion, that will last a lifetime.

Trust me, you NEED to read Louisiana Saves the Library!! You will thank me for it later 🙂 Emily Beck Cogburn feels that Louise’s story is finished, but if she ever decides to write a follow up I will without question be reading it! (Maybe one of the kids when their older? All the things they learned from a strong mother? Just ideas…)

I received a complimentary copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. These thoughts and opinions are all mine.


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