Louisiana Hotshot by Julie Smith

Louisiana Hotshot by Julie SmithThe FIRST book in the Talba Wallis series by Edgar-Award winning author Julie Smith
Confirmed grump Eddie Valentino placed the ad. Hotshot twenty-something Talba Wallis knew exactly how to answer it.

And thus was born the dynamic duo of New Orleans private detectives, one cynical, sixty-five-year-old Luddite white dude with street smarts, and one young, bright-eyed, Twenty-First century African-American female poet, performance artist, mistress of disguise, and computer jock extraordinaire. Think Queen Latifah and Danny DeVito.

In Louisiana Hotshot, their job is to hunt down a sociopath and pedophile who’s molested the fourteen-year-old daughter of their client, hangs out on the ragged edges of the rap and recording industries, and has more powerful allies than a Cabinet member.

But both detectives have unfinished business from the past—in Eddie’s case, something he deeply regrets; in Talba’s, a personal mystery, one so frightening no one will help her investigate. But she knows she won’t sleep till she solves it—and the truth will change her forever.

As I said on #FridayReads Talba is a firecracker! She has jumped in on this job, not really knowing what she is doing. Driving Eddie completely crazy, and making him like her all at he same time. This woman has something every woman on this earth should have…confidence in herself!

With a strong female role model in her mom, an uppity brother, and  a ‘never knew’ dad, Talba is trying to find answers to questions she never knew she had. On top of that, dealing with her new job as a private investigator. She is digging down deep for both of these things going on in her life. While Eddie, poor Eddie, is also dealing with personal things. They come together to make a great team, and I never would have expected the outcome.

Lets start from the beginning. When Talba shows up in Eddie’s office he thinks she wont work for the job. Talba is a woman, black and a poet..nothing Eddie likes in his office. Until he gets to know her. I have to admit, at first I didn’t like Eddie at all. He was painted as a typical Southern racist, only to find out he really isn’t. Just doesn’t know how to handle her..

After Talba brings in business before she is ever hired, he’s still having doubts. When she contacted his ‘long lost’ son, he had even more doubts. When he wasn’t able to show up at work, and Talba handled everything as best she could, he started coming around. And just in time if you ask me. Talba was able to help blow the case wide open, and cause more people to become a target. While handling the case, she was also dealing with personal things, her dad. She didn’t know anything about him, or how he died. No one in her family was willing to talk about him and that threw her radar up.

After finding out exactly who they were looking for, Eddie was ran over. Not just a scratch either, more like left for dead. Too bad for him it wasn’t as bad as he thought. Talba of course was going after the guy. She was right on time to save possibly another two victims. After this unfolds she goes into her shell. Not wanting to talk to anyone, not even family or her boyfriend.

Then her mom shows up one day and starts talking about Talba’s dad. Thankfully, what Talba believed had happened wasn’t the case at all. They were just hiding something that could (and in my opinion, did) shape the person she is. I don’t know the whole story yet, but I will be finding out!!

I know that’s prolly vague, or not enough details, but you’d have to read Louisiana Hotshot to find out more. This book is funny, crazy, full of suspense and a bit sad. It all comes together to make a perfect story, and would be a wonderful movie!

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