Broken: Cage of Lies Book 3 by Susanne Valenti

Broken by Susanne ValentiSince all of her hopes were dashed, Maya is struggling to adapt to her new life. Where dreams and wishes once kept her going, now there is only the burning desire for revenge. She’s changing, hardening into the person she needs to be to hold it together but sometimes the cracks still show. She wants nothing more than to go back and become the person she used to be but sometimes she can’t even remember who that was. Nothing will be right again until she resets the balance. Blood will pay for blood and she won’t give up until the final drop has been spilled. Some say she’s taking it too far, others say it isn’t far enough.

First things first… if your not up to date on this series, you better hurry up! Broken is Book 3 and I’m already anxious for the next.

Okay, so we all know the back story (if you’ve been reading these books, or my reviews) and this picks up not long after Linked leaves off. Honestly you only notice the difference in attitudes of the characters.

Revenge. That’s the only think Maya can think about. It seems like the only one with the exact same thoughts is Alicia. They share a bond so strong, no one else understands (except maybe Hunter) exactly how bad they want to get the person that caused Cole’s death. Now, its seems their about to get their chance.

Thanks to radio transmissions, Franklin knows that the Wardens are heading their way and preparing to fight. Maya and Alicia see this as their way to get the revenge they seek. Most of the town is leaving before the Wardens reach them. Many are staying behind to fight, possibly their last fight.

During this fight many die, but others are pushed to their limits and fly through. Relationships are found and friends are made. Then there are the mess ups and near misses. Not entirely unexpected but some of this stuff is just crazy. There was a scene that kind of reminded me of Divergent, but it was WAY better and a lot tougher to get over(for me).

I know I’m being very vague but I HAVE to! I’m trying not to give too much away while letting you know you should without a doubt read it. Back to the book…

Maya and Taylor become even closer than before. Without Coal there, Maya is lost and looking for something to fill that place in her heart. Taylor is the only one around she ‘feels herself’ around. If you ask me she is just really missing Coal, and doesn’t know how to go on without him. Anyway… Maya is still completely focused on getting revenge. And while they are escaping the Wardens she may have yet another chance.

Maya and Alicia have a plan. The first part works, Maya escapes the group without being noticed. But, she lets her temper get the best of her and ends up being captured. Of course, you know her attitude towards Wardens doesn’t help her out any…

After making a lot of noise and getting one of the Warden to come to her cell she breaks his nose. Yup, that’s my girl! Well, apparently when your really bad they put you in a cell with a crazy killer. Nobody has made it through the night with him. Nobody that it except for Maya, maybe.

The book ends when they recognize each other.

Before you ask, No, I’m not giving it away! But let me tell ya, I cried like a baby and was a little upset for a while too. My hubby even threated to make me stop reading if that’s how I’m gonna act when I finish a book. That was probably the first time he has seen me cry at the end, instead of all throughout. The point of that was this, these characters are REAL! They become a part of your life, and each day you wake up wondering how they are and what their doing. Or at least I do anyway 😉

I received a complimentary copy of this book via the author, Susanne Valenti, in exchange for an honest review. This woman is a pure genius, and I’m so thankful to be allowed to review her works!


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