The Daughters of Jim Ferrel

Pennsylvania 1873: When, in the harsh world of Pennsylvania coal country, Jim Farrell is hanged for murder, his wife and three daughters must turn their beautiful home into a boarding house in order to survive. But struggling beneath the shadow of shame becomes too much for eldest daughter, Kate. She resolves to clear her father’s name in spite of her mother’s admonition to “let it go,” and convinces her sisters to help. All too soon their dangerous quest rips the family apart. Will it also cost them the men they love?

Honestly, this is a book I should have already read. I ordered it from Bookcrash Book Review Program a while back. They sent it to me, but a neighbor kept it safe for me as it came in while I was out of town. I now finally have it in my hands and will be reading it this week, if work permits 🙂

It sounds really interesting, and from the reviews I have read it will be! Come back in the up coming week or two for my review.


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