No Return by Stacy Claflin

No Return by Stacy ClaflinFamily comes first. Until it kills you…

Rusty Caldwell is a lonely victim of tragedy. After losing his wife and kids to a drunk driver, he spends most nights towing drunks to keep them off the streets. His one-track existence takes a turn when he finds out his estranged sister Mandy has committed suicide.

After flying out to offer his support, Rusty learns there’s much more to the story. It turns out his sister had been cheating on her husband Chris with Travis Calloway, the rich CEO of the biggest company in town. Before Mandy died, she claimed that Travis fathered one of her children and demanded that he pay up…

Rusty and Mandy’s neighbor Laura look into Travis, only to receive death threats for their troubles. With Travis and Chris both looking guilty, Rusty better find out the truth before he’s the next one to fall.

No Return is a compelling suspense dealing with themes of loss and forgiveness. If you like gripping page-turners, twisted villains, and surprising twists and turns, then you’ll love Stacy Claflin’s latest chilling creation.

If you haven’t read the Gone series yet you do not love Rusty as you should… He has a huge heart that was ripped to pieces when he lost his family. Now he is becoming a part of his sisters life a little too late.

When Mandy is found dead Rusty fly’s out to be there for her family. If only it were that simple… A lot of secrets are revealed, some it seems are worth people dying to be kept secret. But, have you meet Rusty? He’s not just going to lay down and take whatever you decide to give. He’s going to jump in with both feet until the truth is found.

While trying to find out what happened with Mandy, Rusty is beginning to form a relationship with his niece and nephew. When his brother in law flips out he knows something bigger is going on and he needs to be there for those kids. In the process of all this Rusty also starts having feelings for the next door neighbor, which happed to be his sisters best friend. They work together to dig deeper into the secrets Mandy left behind.

No Return is a well written, page turning suspense. Claflin really did not let us down with this one! We were brought into Rusty’s world and got an inside look at what all he was going through. I love having these story’s to go along with the actual series. A deeper look into the supporting characters gives me a different look on the whole situation. Luckily, I still love Rusty 🙂


I received a complimentary copy of this book via the author in exchange for an honest review. These thoughts and opinions are all mine.


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