Blink: 1 (Rebel Minds) by C.B. Stone

Blink 1 by CB Stone
Aria Grace has always been a rebel. Well… maybe more like a silent rebel. Okay, okay, perhaps that’s not really a thing. But still, she’s totally a rebel in her head. Until she meets gorgeous Wisdom and lets the rebel in her out to play. Then her world shatters, leaving Aria’s mind spinning and her heart aching. Maybe it was only a dream. A beautiful, fleeting dream. So fleeting, that if she blinked, she could fool herself into thinking it never happened. That he never happened. But Aria knows better. Wisdom was real. He had to be… right? Soon, Aria finds herself on the run, her life in danger, with no idea who she can trust. Wishing with all her heart she could just go back to dreaming.

This is book 1 of a dystopian romance mini-series. All books should be read in order. Some may have cliffhanger endings.

C.B. Stone has quickly become one of my fav authors. Every book just entraps you in the story and leaves you waiting for the next installment. Blink: 1 was no different.

It starts out with Aria in some bar playing the piano and singing her heart out when a guy walks in and captures her attention. She doesn’t know why but she is drawn to him. On a break she lets him buy her a drink then they are completely lost. They leave the bar and travel to the mountains, have a wonderful night where Wisdom proposes. Yes, you read that right. He proposes the very first day they know each other. Then there’s an earthquake and Wisdom is taken down with the cliff that just broke off the land.

Oh wait, nope, it was just a dream. Or was it? Her sister is convinced it was a dream since Aria was knocked over the head with a beer bottle but Aria isn’t so sure. Once she’s out of the hospital she still cant get him off her mind. Nothing she does can take her thoughts off of Wisdom.

One morning she goes into a bakery she’s never even heard of before and there he is. Only he says his name is Jameson. Who is this guy, why does he look exactly like Wisdom? And most importantly why is she drawn to him like she was to Wisdom, and why is electricity flying every time they touch? Though they can’t explain it they are drawn to each other. Neither of them want to be might I add. Yet, they some how manage to meet up a lot and start up a friendship. That is until he kisses her, then takes off running.

When Aria made it home that night, she found her sister laying in a pool of blood. She was dead and Aria knows Jameson had something to do with it. She knows he is working for the Gov but doesn’t know doing what and why her sister was targeted.

Hopefully in the next installment we find out. Hopefully soon:) ? I can see now I’m going to be addicted to this one also. Thank you C.B. Stone for keeping me up last night 😉

I received a complimentary copy of this book via the author in exchange for and honest review. These thoughts and opinions are all mine.


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