Southern Storm by Terri Blackstock

Southern Storm by Terri Blackstock

Cade hit the accelerator—just as he saw the pedestrian step into the road.

No one knows who the victim was, where he came from, or why he staggered out in front of Chief Cade’s car. Guilt overwhelms him that he killed the mysterious stranger, until Cade learns that the man had been shot at close-range before he was struck. Determining his identity and finding the shooter becomes Cade’s top priority.

But then Cade vanishes off of the island of Cape Refuge. Rumors spread like wildfire that Cade was involved with the dead man’s wife and that the death was not accidental. Did Cade run to escape murder charges, or has something sinister happened to him?


I have to warn you, once I started reading this series I could NOT put it down. So please forgive me if I give details of book three in this series as well. It is not intentional but very possible.

So were back in the island town of Cape Refuge. After a couple of murders and mysteries have been resolved, all is going well. Until a storm rolls in… Chief Cade is trying to get to an area for traffic control when someone walks out in front of him. Cade is devastated until he learns the man was shot before being ran over. Could this have anything to do with the other crazy stuff that’s been happening close by?

After the man is identified his grieving wife becomes a suspect when Chief Cade disappears. Too bad its only Blair that’s really believing her involvement in all this. Blair and Cade have become close over the last couple months, so she really doesn’t believe the note that comes in the mail. It details Cade running away to marry some secret girlfriend. Do you know Cade? He would NEVER do that!!!

Around the same time of Cade disappearing a woman extremely pregnant shows up on the doorsteps of Hanover House. Karen was about to burst, which made Morgan and Jonathon accept her without the usual hassles to get into the program. When she finally goes into labor (which isn’t really that long) everyone is happy and excited to watch the new mom and baby grow together. Until a nurse comes into the room saying they needed to run some tests on the baby, that nurse and the baby never come back into the room.

With Cade missing, everyone starts to believe he has something to do with it except for Blair. She would spend very few hours at her job running the library and practically every waking hour looking for Cade. Cade in the meantime is being held and drugged into doing what the captors want. It isn’t until Blair gets brave and breaks into the woman’s house that we get all the answers we were waiting for.

The baby is eventually returned, and all is well that ends well. Or so they think…

I really regret not talking more about Blair with the first book. She has really become one of my favorite characters in this book. Blair and Cade have there own love story developing, and honestly that surprised me. Blair is no longer working for the library, she ended up quitting when they threatened to find someone else if she kept closing early or not even opening. But don’t worry, she will be fine. I also left out in the first one that Morgan and Jonathon had gotten legal custody of Sadie and her baby brother until their mom is released from prison. Again, please forgive me if I’m intertwining books, but if you are reading them you will understand!! Enjoy 🙂


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