River’s Edge by Terri Blackstock

Rivers Edge by Terri Blackstock

Was Lisa Jackson’s disappearance related to politics, her husband’s affair, or her long-term infertility?

Ben Jackson is going head to head with Jonathan Cleary in Cape Refuge’s mayoral race—and he’s even expected to win—when his wife Lisa turns up missing the day before the major debate. Suddenly the town is in turmoil as proof of an alleged affair surfaces, indicating that Ben Jackson might have had motive to kill his wife.

Meanwhile, newspaper owner Blair Owens has other suspicions—and so does Police Chief Cade. Together they dig deeply into the mysterious disappearance that soon spirals into a web of confusion, dark secrets, and unsettling fraud.

Then the town’s psychic reveals the location of Lisa’s body—at the bottom of the river. Even though Blair doesn’t believe his paranormal gift is real, she can’t imagine how he knew where the body was.

The small-town scandal quickly turns into a national media event. Is the murderer one of the obvious suspects . . . or someone they have no reason to doubt?

I’m still hooked on this series, and if your reading them you know why…

We open this book with one of Jonathon’s opponents in the race for mayor with a missing wife. Everyone believes its just a joke in the beginning trying to get Ben more votes. But then quickly realize that’s not the case at all.

Okay lets back up… Jonathon is running for Mayor of Cape Refuge. He and Morgan have been trying to have a baby for a while now. Blair, after quitting her library job, is now the owner of the only newspaper in town. Sadie is helping Blair all she can at the paper, and trying to get out of school daily. Caleb is getting big, and brings a smile to Morgan’s face every day. Blair and Cade are becoming better friends and possibly sliding into a relationship.

Now back to the present….Lisa is missing. What happened to her? Lisa and Ben have had fertility problems for years and have been seeing a doctor who was supposedly doing all he could to help them. Then there was her job. Lisa was a relator.  Always showing houses to strangers wanting to move on the island and surrounding areas. Could it have been one of them? There are plenty of suspects but who looks the best?

While all this is going on two of the residents at Hanover House have fallen in love and want Morgan and Jonathon’s approval to be married. Gus and Karen have been spending a lot of time together and want to give her baby, Emory, a real family. While Morgan and Jonathon believe that Karen hasn’t grown enough to leave the program they soon realize that they would be fine on their own.

Back to Morgan and Jonathon.. They started seeing the fertility specialist Lisa had recommended and had already been through some testing. They were getting ready to start some kind of treatment but wanted things to settle down a little first. Then another blow hit them. Sadie and Caleb’s mother was getting out of prison and decided to stay at Hanover House. Shelia is quite a character. At first feeling resentful to Morgan and Jonathon then finally coming around to see that Hanover House was the best place for her family.

And the murder… Okay, yes, you know she was murdered. But who did it? The local psychic claimed to have seen her car in a river. Was he right? So what if he was, when he turned up dead we all knew he wasn’t the murderer… Then you have the small town T.V. anchor. He acted like he wasn’t interested in any of the murders then starts using them as his ticket to fame. Could it have been him?

You’ll just have to read the book to find out 🙂 But you better pay attention to Blair. That is one lady that doesn’t rest until she gets answers! Even if she is dating the Police Chief she might just surprise you and get more answers than he does!


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