#Friday Reads

Okay, then last book in the series šŸ˜¦ I’m so sad to see this one end. I feel like I’m a part of this community now and don’t want to leave them… But all good things must come to an end, or at least that what they say…

Breaker's Reef by Terri Blackstock

Murder and mystery continue in Book Four of the Cape Refuge series A famous mystery writer has just moved to Cape Refuge when a teenage girl is found murdered. Sheila Carusoā€“ex-con, mother to Sadie and Caleb, and resident of Hanover Houseā€“is working for the writer when she discovers that a scene in one of his novels matches the crime scene. When Police Chief Cade and Blair Owens discover a second dead teenagerā€“mirroring a murder in another of the eccentric writerā€™s booksā€“Cade is drawn into a web of trickery and deceit. Evidence turns up in Cadeā€™s own truck, and suddenly he becomes the number-one suspect. Cade tries to clear his name, but when eighteen-year-old Sadie Caruso disappears, tensions mount to a fever pitch. Can Cade find the real killer before Sadie winds up dead? Is the novelist a demented killer, or a hapless victim? And what does Sadieā€™s own mother have to do with the crimes? Secrets are uncovered, while lessons are learned about the sins of the father being visited upon his children. Will the consequences of Sheilaā€™s life be fatal, or is there redemption and mercy for her and her children? ā€œChief Matthew Cade rarely considered another line of work, but news of the dead teenage girl made him long for a job as an accountant or electricianā€”some benign vocation that didnā€™t require him to look into the eyes of grieving parents.ā€


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