Her One and Only by Becky Wade

Her One and Only by Becky WadeGray Fowler, star Nfl tight end, is being pursued by a stalker, so his team hires a protection agency to keep Gray under the watch of a bodyguard at all times. When Gray meets Dru Porter, an agent assigned to him, he’s indignant. How can an attractive young female half his size possibly protect him?

But Dru’s a former Marine, an expert markswoman, and a black belt. She’s also ferociously determined to uncover the identity of Gray’s stalker. And she’s just as determined to avoid any kind of romantic attachment between herself and the rugged football player with the mysterious past. But the closer they get to finding the stalker, the closer they grow to each other. As the danger rises, can Dru and Gray entrust their hearts–and their lives–to one another?

Dru and Gray. Their perfect for each other. Or at least that’s what I think, but will they figure it out?

Gray is a famous football player for the Dallas Mustangs. He’s also known to be a player off the field and has a long line of ex-girlfriends. So when he begins receiving threatening letters he believes it to be one of them. His management doesn’t take it as lightly and hires Sutton Security for his protection.

Dru Porter, a former Marine, is now part of his detail. They, of course, do not get along very well in the beginning. He is cocky, and entitled. While Dru is also cocky but all business. They could not possibly be more different. That is unitl a couple of weeks have passed with them being together daily.

While Dru is posing as Gray’s girlfriend she is also targeted by his stalker. Gray, for some reason he doesn’t understand, is more worried for her safety than his own. During their time together they strike up a friendship and Dru finds herself falling for ‘Big Football Player.’ So much so, that she takes herself off his detail so they can actually date.

One night while Dru and Gray are leaving a restaurant she spots a vehicle that looks just like the believed stalkers. Now you know she goes looking for him, what else could she do?! So she goes out the back door of a nearby coffee shop in the strip and works her way back towards the parking lot. Then Gray comes searching for her, yelling her name as he makes it into the ally. A man steps out from the shadows and starts toward Gray. Dru, who is behind the man, takes off running to catch the stalker before he gets to Gray. After a struggle the man is in cuffs and arrested. Finally the stalker is out of Gray’s life.

Dru and Gray continue to date. She has learned a lot about why he is the way he is and is prepared to wait for him to trust her. Until she runs into Corbin, a friend and teammate of Gray’s, at the coffee shop she as she was waiting to meet with Gray for a date. Corbin lets it slip about the met he and Gray had made. When Gray walks in Dru had to know the truth. It crushed her and she didn’t know what to do about the relationship. She was in love with Gray but he didn’t want anything serious. So now, they are no longer together 😦

A couple of weeks later Gray is scheduled to speak at a fundraiser Dru had previously agreed to bring a friend to. And thankfully so….

While Gray was on stage Dru was being Dru. Surveying the area, picking out the biggest threats. That’s when she seen him. He was a long ways from home wearing an oversized camo jacket with heavy pockets. She knew he shouldn’t be there. That’s when he pulled something out of each pocket. Dru was now on the move..

While passing a security guard playing on his phone, she snatches his gun and trains it on her target. He leaves one pistol trained on Gray but moves the other towards Dru. Three bangs later the man is being tackled by Dru’s brother and Gray is standing over her.

Let me just say, I wish I’d have read this whole series. All the characters are so strong and fascinating. Her One and Only also revisits the characters from the first three book. Now when I read them I’ll be backwards. But trust me, this family is worth it! Becky Wade brings them to life and keeps you wanting to turn page after page. Although Her One and Only is part of the Porter Family Novels, it is also a great stand alone. I truly enjoyed this book, and cant wait to read the others.

I received a complimentary copy of this book via Baker Publishing in exchange for an honest review. These thoughts and opinions are all mine.


Breaker’s Reef by Terri Blackstock

Breaker's Reef by Terri Blackstock

Murder and mystery continue in Book Four of the Cape Refuge series A famous mystery writer has just moved to Cape Refuge when a teenage girl is found murdered. Sheila Caruso–ex-con, mother to Sadie and Caleb, and resident of Hanover House–is working for the writer when she discovers that a scene in one of his novels matches the crime scene. When Police Chief Cade and Blair Owens discover a second dead teenager–mirroring a murder in another of the eccentric writer’s books–Cade is drawn into a web of trickery and deceit. Evidence turns up in Cade’s own truck, and suddenly he becomes the number-one suspect. Cade tries to clear his name, but when eighteen-year-old Sadie Caruso disappears, tensions mount to a fever pitch. Can Cade find the real killer before Sadie winds up dead? Is the novelist a demented killer, or a hapless victim? And what does Sadie’s own mother have to do with the crimes? Secrets are uncovered, while lessons are learned about the sins of the father being visited upon his children. Will the consequences of Sheila’s life be fatal, or is there redemption and mercy for her and her children? “Chief Matthew Cade rarely considered another line of work, but news of the dead teenage girl made him long for a job as an accountant or electrician—some benign vocation that didn’t require him to look into the eyes of grieving parents.”

UGHHH!!! I’m soooo so very sad to see this one end. Maybe one day Terri Blackstock will come back and give us a glimpse into the lives of the residents years down the road….

A young girl is found dead, and the new clueless officer didn’t preserve the scene… Dude, how could you possibly mess up evidence? Moving one… she is one of the nicest teens in town, never got into any trouble. How could she have been murdered? No one understands this…

On the bright side, Shelia has found a job. She is now working for an eccentric novelist that has just moved to town. Is this a coincidence or does it have something to do with the murdered girl? At first you think he has nothing to do with it, until you realize its straight from one of his books… And MORGAN IS PREGNANT!!! Sorry, but I got so excited when I read that I think I cried happy tears 🙂 But is all well? She’s early and with her history, really scared.

Then two teenage girls come to town looking for one of their mothers. They are staying in a shady hotel but think they will be fine as long as they stay inside. Of course, we all know that’s not true. But we don’t find that out until Cade is getting ready to propose to Blaire. Yup, you read that right. Are you as excited as me? Well, I was until another girl turned up murdered in the exact spot he was planning the most romantic proposal. Now Cade is a suspect.

When they realize that girl came to town with another one everyone is frantic trying to find her. That’s when Sadie learns she has a sister, yup and she is the girl still missing. And you know Sadie, she is just as determined as Blair when there’s a story to figure out. She goes looking for her sister and ends up finding her in the most unlucky of ways. Unfortunately no one knows where she went looking, so have no way of getting there quickly.

When Cade realizes a guy from the hotel is also missing they set out trying to find him. Shelia snatches another address for the guy from McCormick’s seat and set out to find him herself. Now, you have to remember Shelia and Joe McCormick have struck up an unlikely friendship and he hopes for more. Will this ruin it? Anyways… Cade and Joe follow after her. Not believing they will actually find anything helpful once they get there.

But you know they do. They end up finding Shelia and her two daughters with the man that snatched them. Little did they know at the time there was another guy on the loose. And of course Amelia, Shelia’s daughter, can recognize him. If only they can find him before he hurts someone else…

I have to stop there because I don’t want to give it all away, but I have to say I really enjoyed the ending of this one. Everyone seems to be doing great at the end. Even Sadie finally has a really nice boy that she’s dating. Hope you enjoyed Cape Refuge as much as I did 🙂

River’s Edge by Terri Blackstock

Rivers Edge by Terri Blackstock

Was Lisa Jackson’s disappearance related to politics, her husband’s affair, or her long-term infertility?

Ben Jackson is going head to head with Jonathan Cleary in Cape Refuge’s mayoral race—and he’s even expected to win—when his wife Lisa turns up missing the day before the major debate. Suddenly the town is in turmoil as proof of an alleged affair surfaces, indicating that Ben Jackson might have had motive to kill his wife.

Meanwhile, newspaper owner Blair Owens has other suspicions—and so does Police Chief Cade. Together they dig deeply into the mysterious disappearance that soon spirals into a web of confusion, dark secrets, and unsettling fraud.

Then the town’s psychic reveals the location of Lisa’s body—at the bottom of the river. Even though Blair doesn’t believe his paranormal gift is real, she can’t imagine how he knew where the body was.

The small-town scandal quickly turns into a national media event. Is the murderer one of the obvious suspects . . . or someone they have no reason to doubt?

I’m still hooked on this series, and if your reading them you know why…

We open this book with one of Jonathon’s opponents in the race for mayor with a missing wife. Everyone believes its just a joke in the beginning trying to get Ben more votes. But then quickly realize that’s not the case at all.

Okay lets back up… Jonathon is running for Mayor of Cape Refuge. He and Morgan have been trying to have a baby for a while now. Blair, after quitting her library job, is now the owner of the only newspaper in town. Sadie is helping Blair all she can at the paper, and trying to get out of school daily. Caleb is getting big, and brings a smile to Morgan’s face every day. Blair and Cade are becoming better friends and possibly sliding into a relationship.

Now back to the present….Lisa is missing. What happened to her? Lisa and Ben have had fertility problems for years and have been seeing a doctor who was supposedly doing all he could to help them. Then there was her job. Lisa was a relator.  Always showing houses to strangers wanting to move on the island and surrounding areas. Could it have been one of them? There are plenty of suspects but who looks the best?

While all this is going on two of the residents at Hanover House have fallen in love and want Morgan and Jonathon’s approval to be married. Gus and Karen have been spending a lot of time together and want to give her baby, Emory, a real family. While Morgan and Jonathon believe that Karen hasn’t grown enough to leave the program they soon realize that they would be fine on their own.

Back to Morgan and Jonathon.. They started seeing the fertility specialist Lisa had recommended and had already been through some testing. They were getting ready to start some kind of treatment but wanted things to settle down a little first. Then another blow hit them. Sadie and Caleb’s mother was getting out of prison and decided to stay at Hanover House. Shelia is quite a character. At first feeling resentful to Morgan and Jonathon then finally coming around to see that Hanover House was the best place for her family.

And the murder… Okay, yes, you know she was murdered. But who did it? The local psychic claimed to have seen her car in a river. Was he right? So what if he was, when he turned up dead we all knew he wasn’t the murderer… Then you have the small town T.V. anchor. He acted like he wasn’t interested in any of the murders then starts using them as his ticket to fame. Could it have been him?

You’ll just have to read the book to find out 🙂 But you better pay attention to Blair. That is one lady that doesn’t rest until she gets answers! Even if she is dating the Police Chief she might just surprise you and get more answers than he does!

Southern Storm by Terri Blackstock

Southern Storm by Terri Blackstock

Cade hit the accelerator—just as he saw the pedestrian step into the road.

No one knows who the victim was, where he came from, or why he staggered out in front of Chief Cade’s car. Guilt overwhelms him that he killed the mysterious stranger, until Cade learns that the man had been shot at close-range before he was struck. Determining his identity and finding the shooter becomes Cade’s top priority.

But then Cade vanishes off of the island of Cape Refuge. Rumors spread like wildfire that Cade was involved with the dead man’s wife and that the death was not accidental. Did Cade run to escape murder charges, or has something sinister happened to him?


I have to warn you, once I started reading this series I could NOT put it down. So please forgive me if I give details of book three in this series as well. It is not intentional but very possible.

So were back in the island town of Cape Refuge. After a couple of murders and mysteries have been resolved, all is going well. Until a storm rolls in… Chief Cade is trying to get to an area for traffic control when someone walks out in front of him. Cade is devastated until he learns the man was shot before being ran over. Could this have anything to do with the other crazy stuff that’s been happening close by?

After the man is identified his grieving wife becomes a suspect when Chief Cade disappears. Too bad its only Blair that’s really believing her involvement in all this. Blair and Cade have become close over the last couple months, so she really doesn’t believe the note that comes in the mail. It details Cade running away to marry some secret girlfriend. Do you know Cade? He would NEVER do that!!!

Around the same time of Cade disappearing a woman extremely pregnant shows up on the doorsteps of Hanover House. Karen was about to burst, which made Morgan and Jonathon accept her without the usual hassles to get into the program. When she finally goes into labor (which isn’t really that long) everyone is happy and excited to watch the new mom and baby grow together. Until a nurse comes into the room saying they needed to run some tests on the baby, that nurse and the baby never come back into the room.

With Cade missing, everyone starts to believe he has something to do with it except for Blair. She would spend very few hours at her job running the library and practically every waking hour looking for Cade. Cade in the meantime is being held and drugged into doing what the captors want. It isn’t until Blair gets brave and breaks into the woman’s house that we get all the answers we were waiting for.

The baby is eventually returned, and all is well that ends well. Or so they think…

I really regret not talking more about Blair with the first book. She has really become one of my favorite characters in this book. Blair and Cade have there own love story developing, and honestly that surprised me. Blair is no longer working for the library, she ended up quitting when they threatened to find someone else if she kept closing early or not even opening. But don’t worry, she will be fine. I also left out in the first one that Morgan and Jonathon had gotten legal custody of Sadie and her baby brother until their mom is released from prison. Again, please forgive me if I’m intertwining books, but if you are reading them you will understand!! Enjoy 🙂

Blink: 1 (Rebel Minds) by C.B. Stone

Blink 1 by CB Stone
Aria Grace has always been a rebel. Well… maybe more like a silent rebel. Okay, okay, perhaps that’s not really a thing. But still, she’s totally a rebel in her head. Until she meets gorgeous Wisdom and lets the rebel in her out to play. Then her world shatters, leaving Aria’s mind spinning and her heart aching. Maybe it was only a dream. A beautiful, fleeting dream. So fleeting, that if she blinked, she could fool herself into thinking it never happened. That he never happened. But Aria knows better. Wisdom was real. He had to be… right? Soon, Aria finds herself on the run, her life in danger, with no idea who she can trust. Wishing with all her heart she could just go back to dreaming.

This is book 1 of a dystopian romance mini-series. All books should be read in order. Some may have cliffhanger endings.

C.B. Stone has quickly become one of my fav authors. Every book just entraps you in the story and leaves you waiting for the next installment. Blink: 1 was no different.

It starts out with Aria in some bar playing the piano and singing her heart out when a guy walks in and captures her attention. She doesn’t know why but she is drawn to him. On a break she lets him buy her a drink then they are completely lost. They leave the bar and travel to the mountains, have a wonderful night where Wisdom proposes. Yes, you read that right. He proposes the very first day they know each other. Then there’s an earthquake and Wisdom is taken down with the cliff that just broke off the land.

Oh wait, nope, it was just a dream. Or was it? Her sister is convinced it was a dream since Aria was knocked over the head with a beer bottle but Aria isn’t so sure. Once she’s out of the hospital she still cant get him off her mind. Nothing she does can take her thoughts off of Wisdom.

One morning she goes into a bakery she’s never even heard of before and there he is. Only he says his name is Jameson. Who is this guy, why does he look exactly like Wisdom? And most importantly why is she drawn to him like she was to Wisdom, and why is electricity flying every time they touch? Though they can’t explain it they are drawn to each other. Neither of them want to be might I add. Yet, they some how manage to meet up a lot and start up a friendship. That is until he kisses her, then takes off running.

When Aria made it home that night, she found her sister laying in a pool of blood. She was dead and Aria knows Jameson had something to do with it. She knows he is working for the Gov but doesn’t know doing what and why her sister was targeted.

Hopefully in the next installment we find out. Hopefully soon:) ? I can see now I’m going to be addicted to this one also. Thank you C.B. Stone for keeping me up last night 😉

I received a complimentary copy of this book via the author in exchange for and honest review. These thoughts and opinions are all mine.

Cape Refuge by Terri Blackstock

Cape Refuge by Terri BlackstockMystery and suspense combine in this first book in an exciting new 4-book series by best-selling author Terri Blackstock. Thelma and Wayne Owens run a bed and breakfast in Cape Refuge, Georgia. They minister to the seamen on the nearby docks and prisoners just out of nearby jails, holding services in an old warehouse and taking many of the “down-and-outers” into their home. They have two daughters: the dutiful Morgan who is married to Jonathan, a fisherman, and helps them out at the B & B, and Blair, the still-single town librarian, who would be beautiful if it weren’t for the serious scar on the side of her face. After a heated, public argument with his in-laws, Jonathan discovers Thelma and Wayne murdered in the warehouse where they held their church services. Considered the prime suspect, Jonathan is arrested. Grief-stricken, Morgan and Blair launch their own investigation to help Matthew Cade, the town’s young police chief, find the real killer. Shady characters and a raft of suspects keep the plot twisting and the suspense building as we learn not only who murdered Thelma and Wayne, but also the secrets about their family’s past and the true reason for Blair’s disfigurement.

Cape Refuge is a small island just off the coast of Georgia. Its a tight knit community, where everybody knows everybody and there are no strangers. Which leads us to Thelma and Wayne Owens, the owners of Hanover House.

The Owens open their doors to ex cons wanting to change their lives. Hanover House has strict rules and ALL must follow them, if they want to stay that is. The Owens also minister a church that welcomes anyone willing to walk through the doors. So when Thelma and Wayne miss a city council meeting about Hanover House possible being closed down their daughters, Blair and Morgan, get really worried. But it’s not until Cade, the towns Police Chief, burst into the room does it become serious.

Jonathon, Morgan’s husband, found Thelma and Wayne in their church murdered. Now the real problem? He was also seen arguing with his in laws that very morning. And of course, the murder weapon was also his… In the meantime Morgan takes over Hanover House and tries to keep it together while her husband is in jail and her sister wants nothing to do with it. While going through their parents things Blair finds something that might explain how she ended up getting those scars on her face and what really caused it.

While all this was taking place a young girl was running from her abusive step father. Sadie was directed to Hanover House by a waitress knowing she was alone. When she arrived there, no one was home. That night she slept on the beach waking up to Chief Cade. He brought her to the doctors and paid to have a cast put on her broken arm. She was also warned not to sleep on the beach anymore. So that night she found a seemingly abandoned boat shed that looked as if it hadn’t been used in a while. That’s where Morgan found her a few days later. And of course, Morgan welcomed her into Hanover House and treated her just as family.

After everyone in the house had been under suspicion Cade is finally getting close to the real killer. That’s when everything spirals out of control. Sadie’s step father somehow ends up in town and attempts to kill her. Will he succeed and what does he have to do with everything that’s been going on around town? Who brought him here and why? There are a lot of questions needing answers and you will get a few of them…

I loved this story, the town and all the characters. Terri Blackstock makes you feel as if you are a part of their lives and your there on the street or on the beautiful beach with them. Hope you enjoy this book as much as I did 🙂

Here’s the whole series for you:

Cape Refuge (Book 1)

Southern Storm (Book 2)

River’s Edge (Book 3)

Breaker’s Reef (Book 4)