Friday Reads

What to read next

Welcome to Friday Reads!! This is a place to gather and see who’s reading what.

Every Friday post what you read the last week, or what you will be reading this week to come. Or maybe even books you would like to read, or just want other opinions about. Leave your link in the comments, and I will also try to link up with you. Together we can bring new authors, and genres to more people. Just because we love an author doesn’t mean other readers have discovered them yet.

Lets come together and share our favorites! Don’t forget to tag #FridayReads

Once I learn what I’m doing, this will be smoother. Until then I promise to do my best to make sure every post is linked!

63 thoughts on “Friday Reads

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  21. *My Dirty Little Secret – Probably my favorite post on the blog so far, this post takes an honest look at what life as an affiliate marketer is really like and why self employment is82&n#17;t all it’s cracked up to be…


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