My Favorite Authors

These author pages are in no special order, although Karen Kingsbury and Dee Henderson are on my “no question read list” with every release. Also, when I can’t decide on new books or authors, I always go back and reread their books.

Karen Kingsbury

 Dee Henderson

Lynette Eason

Marylee MacDonald

Cathleen Armstrong

Sarah Dessen

Sara Shepard

Terri Blackstock

JD Nixon

Jane Austen

C.G. Cooper

Diane Capri

Judith Miller

Rosemary Hines

Rachel Ann Nunes

Jana Deleon

Kelsey MacBride

Tracie Peterson

Shirlee McCoy

Margaret Daley

Summer Ellis

Lynne Graham

Lacy Williams

Kate Perry

Sara Rosett

Danielle Bourdon

Camilla Chafer

Linda Crowder

Jenny B Jones

Susan May Warren

Irene Hannon

DiAnn Mills

Kenneth Eade

Brandilyn Collins

C.B. Stone

Judith Miller

Diane M. Dickson

Amanda Tru

Susanne Valenti

Annagail Lynes

BV Lawson

TK Chapin

Barbara Martin

Nancy Mehl


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