Chosen: Dystopian Romance (Absence of Song Series Book3)

Chosen by CB StoneI can’t believe I’m thinking of going up against the Ministry. But what other choice do I have? This world is in shambles because of them. I’m learning now that people need something to believe in, something to inspire them to act. When they have it, they’re capable of great courage.

And there is already talk of that something. That something is us. For the first time in probably their entire lifetimes, people have hope. The realization and enormity of it all, the weight of who I am and what my mission truly entails, sends chills down my spine. Noah and I, we are Chosen.

Still, this wondrous gift and this ability to restore life to a dying world, as amazing as it is, presents us with problem after problem. Where do we go? Where do we hide? Who is on our side? And the biggest question of all… will it be worth it?

In Chosen Jaelynn and Noah, the Chosen, are trying to hide from the Ministry. They stumble on all kinds of towns or cities that are pretty lifeless. When they come into Bethel the people are waiting for them. This is where it really gets good. The armies are getting mobilized and will all be together within a few days when the Ministry air craft find them. Fay, Bethels commander, and the rest of her troops are saved by the Wellington forces with their new (better than the Ministry) weapons. I don’t want to give away any spoilers so I’m going to stop that thought there.

But I will tell you that the safe haven Jaelynn and Noah are taken to seems like a wonderful place. Its full of sunshine and peace. Oh yeah, Jaelynn and Noah FINALLY admit their true feelings. It was about time!

There are also a lot of character surprises mixed in. Some people are not who we though they were. And yes, it does make the books better.

The ending is probably the worst for me. I want more info. Okay, I want another book, or few 🙂 Seriously though, this is a great series for Christians and non-believer alike. Views are not pushed on you and you can believe whatever you want while reading this series(and still get stuck into it). C.B. Stone is now on my favorite author list, and I will be reading her other books also!!

Awakening: Dystopian Romance (Absence of Song Book 1)

Becoming: Dystopian Romance (Absence of Song Book 2)

Chosen: Dystopian Romance (Absence of Song Book 3)


Becoming: Dystopian Romance (Absence of Song Series Book 2)


It’s Not Easy Being Chosen

My eyes have suddenly and most assuredly, been opened. I now understand what this is all about. And what my role in it is. In that moment I feel alive. Awakened. I’ve never felt so many emotions at once, and they hit me hard. It’s like I’ve taken a kick to the solar plexus, but strangely enough, it’s a good feeling. My lips curve, even as I double over, and find myself hitting my knees. It’s a feeling that’s really sort of indescribable. Noah has been right all along. The only question now is what happens next? How do I do what I’ve been called to do? How do I become what I’ve been created to become? So many obstacles stand before me, but if there’s nothing else I’ve learned in my short life… where there is a will, there is a way.

Jaelynn is such an incredible young woman. She is truly a blessing in the world she lives in and doesn’t even know it yet. I don’t know what all is going on either, but I know I’m hooked and can not wait to read the third book in this series.

Jaelynn and Noah are great together. They have some kind of powers that let them read each others thoughts. She is the chosen one. He is her “helper” I’m going to call it. Together they can do sooo much. Even when apart they can just connect with their thoughts. I believe they will be bringing the world they live in back to God. Even though Jaelynn doesn’t really know who he is yet.

This is a great series for Christians and non believers alike. There is a strong presence of God in the books but C.B. Stone is not pushing you to believe what she does. C.B. Stone has a true gift! All the characters are so life like while living in a dystopian world. We don’t know what its like there, but trust me you will fall in love with these people. Well, the good ones anyway. And who doesn’t love a revolution?(Cant wait to find out what that’s all about)

Awakening: Dystopian Romance (Absence of Song Series Book 1)

Becoming: Dystopian Romance (Absence of Song Series Book 2)

Chosen: Dystopian Romance (Absence of Song Series Book 3)

Word Crush Wednesday

Book vs Movie

How true is this?!?! I know the books I read are just like movies. I’m actually right there with the character; feeling, seeing, touching whatever it is their talking about or doing. When reading, I feel like I’m on the journey not sitting in a chair, or laying in my bed. I am where ever that character is. I know there are many people that feel the same. Hopefully everyone experiences this at least once in their lifetimes.

So we read these great books, then comes the movie… Could have done without seeing 90% of them. While watching the movie, after reading the book, I find myself criticizing EVERYTHING! From the characters to their words and how they actually speak. I know I’m not the only one, right?

When your reading a book, you picture these people and how they talk, walk, every move they make you see it in your head. Then the movie comes and its totally wrong.. Such disappointment. But, unless we want to sit for 10 hours straight watching a movie we are stuck with whatever they decide to include from the book. Which a lot of times I argue that something else should have been included, and others left out.

Now that I have lost my train of thought….. I will leave you with a question.

What is your favorite and least favorite movie adaptation?

I would have to say my favorite is Pride & Prejudice and my least favorite is Divergent. Both book and movie are great but I feel the movie left a lot of important stuff out, luckily I read the books and knew what it was 😉


Dystopian Romance Absence of Song Series by C.B. Stone

“Though music is forbidden and could get me in big trouble with the Ministry, I nevertheless often find myself singing softly in spite of the danger.

Little do I know just how much hot water my strange compulsion to sing will actually land me in.

What is happening in the world around me? How is it happening? How does the stranger Noah fit into things? And most importantly… why me? I’m no more special than the next person.

So many questions and so many dangers. All I can do is trust that whatever is happening, it is good. I can see that it’s good, and I refuse to let anyone convince me otherwise.”

Jaelynn loves to sing. In her dreams she learns songs. But she is not allowed to sing. EVER. I’m not at all sure where she lives or what is really going on, but her parents are pretty much soldiers for their government. Jaelynn stays at home, alone most of the time. Her parents are always working and she sings softly all day hoping not to get caught. Their gardens are not doing well, food rations are getting smaller and everyone is on edge not to get in trouble with the government.

One day Jaelynn is outside tending to her garden when she hears a traveler coming down the road making strange noises. Noah, the traveler, has some strange instrument that Jaelynn has never seen before. But she has heard it. In her dreams.

Jaelynn and Noah strike up a friendship and are shocked, no really.. sparks fly, when they touch. Are they meant to be? I don’t know but something is totally going on here. She lets Noah sleep in their shed, as long as her parents don’t see him. Now the weird part.. Noah can touch the plants and make them come alive and grow. Jaelynn doesn’t know how and it freaks her out at first.

One night she goes out to the shed to see Noah, they end up falling asleep. Jaelynn dreams that they run through the town playing in the rain and making everything come back to life. Even the ponds and other water sources. The next morning when they wake up she realizes it wasn’t just a dream, everything is alive and new. When her dad wakes up and sees it he tells her to run and hide somewhere. So apparently the dad knows a little of what is going on, but I’m still lost.

I’m sorry for some of the spoilers but I couldn’t just talk about this book with no details… I tried.

I have to admit I was questioning myself for reading this for a while but I’m so glad I kept reading. I just bought the other two books in this series and can’t wait to start them.

C.B. Stone

Awakening-Dystopian Romance (Absence of Song Book 1)

Becoming-Dystopian Romance (Absence of Song Book 2)

Chosen-Dystopian Romance (Absence of Song Book 3)

Igniting the Wild Sparks

Igniting the Wild Sparks by Ren AlexanderIn the second follow up to “Chasing the Wild Sparks,” Hadley Beckett comes closer to triumphing over a reluctant Finn Wilder…

What would you do if the love of your life gave you the keys to the kingdom, but won’t let you in?

At the end of her rope, Hadley grabs her intrepid boyfriend Finn Wilder’s world by the…bridge. Finally ready to end the never-ending merry-go-round that is their unknotted life together, she enlists the help of her friends to help boost her own courage. Since Finn is all about walking on the wild side but not down an aisle, Hadley challenges him to the ultimate test that will prove her more daring than the daredevil himself, hoping Finn will take notice and change his mind about making her forever his.

Throwing down the irrevocable gauntlet, will Hadley celebrate supreme victory over his heart or will she accept the cruelest defeat at the very hand she holds?

Totally not what I was expecting! I need more, and don’t know if I’m heartbroken or relieved. Becks and Sparks are so good together, when they are together. I just can’t see it being over with them. I also can’t believe what all Finn has done: lying, cheating, and not fighting for Hadley. But he’s the love of her life, and I truly believe she is his. And Morgan? I’d like to just punch her! She may have thought she was doing Hadley a favor, but with friends like that who need enemies?

I was actually surprised to find out Hadley was pregnant, just to lose the baby. That part was very heartbreaking. It was like a slap in the face to her. Lose Finn, find out your having his baby…nope, can’t have that either! I cried for her (with horrible looks from the hubby) throughout Igniting the Wild Sparks.

I need answers! I NEED to know what happened to Hadley and Finn; together or separate. Does Hadley find out what Morgan did? Are they still friends? Did Morgan actually talk to Finn while at the ER? I will be reading The Keys to Jericho but don’t know if I will get my answers. Hopefully there is more to come from this series!

I know, I’ve kind of gotten attached to these people, okay characters, but I just can’t help it. Ren Alexander did an amazing job making them so REAL. In every single page. True Talent!

Be advised: There’s a lot of cursing and intimate scenes. I would NOT recommend this book/series for YA, or anyone that can’t legally get into rated R movies